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Okayy so we've all seen the amazing Disney tale as old as time which is Beauty and the Beast, well although we have questions including the beasts name and Mr Potts, I'd like to tell all of you lovely princesses and princes my own version of the book store owner at the beginning.

Well as far as we know, the whole town was brought up differently to Belle, maybe they were jealous of her smarts or her beauty, but I personally think that when Belle was born, or maybe a few years later, her mother died and maybe she loved to read to Maurice and Belle. What if Maurice wanted Belle to read to him as a girl to strengthen her love of adventure and knowledge?

Well in that case I think that Maurice would take her into town to the book store (we could all imagine a young Belle pulling at Maurice's hand as she seen the books in the window) and see the lovely book store owner (we never got to find out his name so let's call him Booky to save time) who over the years took a shine to Belle and would probably enjoy listening to her reading aloud. While Maurice would most likely be shopping for food and a few bits and bobs for his latest invention ideas, he may have trusted Booky to look after Belle for a short time to sit on some cushions and read with her. He may have done this until Belle was old enough to go by herself while he worked, Booky may have had a wife and children maybe not but he definitely loved Belle as a daughter (you can tell just by looking at his face) as she was his best and probably only customer.

But what about when Belle went to live at the Beast's castle?

Booky may have felt sad about loosing his favourite customer but in my personal view, I think that Booky would be very proud of her because as we know she loved reading about adventures and now she was finally on her own one.

Wouldn't be a nice thought that after Belle married the Beast that she offered Booky a job as her librarian?

You may all be wondering...

But I hope some of you enjoy the thought of Booky, although he's a minor character, he might just have been almost like a second father to Belle.


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