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The [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) games have always had the same formula:

Take a guy who can fight like hell and climb like a spider (and has a big scar across his face).

Make him part of a secret organization.

Add another secret organization trying to kill him.

Throw in a touch of famous historical time figures.

Add a dash of landmarks...

Mix it all about and make it into 12 sequences...

Whilst keeping the tension up by showing a present day story, which is basically the same thing except it has the animus in it.

But what about Rogue?

I know it is a bit late for a review, but I decided it is good to take a look on the game, especially after all the news on AC Syndicate.

I consider Rogue to be unique to the series, but for different reasons than most critics claim. The obvious reasons are that you play as a Templar and kill off Assassins, and staplers try to kill you from a haystack.

In fact these are the things I appreciate:

1. The British are your allies. Now this is actually because of something I hate about every AC game, every government is against you.

Come in Ubisoft! For once we could walk the streets and have the guards nod politely when we pass them. For once we could bump into them without being shot and for once we could assassinate someone and have the guards say something along the lines of ”You got him sir!"

I'm not saying I dislike fighting a French of British or Spanish lieutenant after I infiltrate his fort, but for once there could be an AC game where a guard sniper will shoot your enemy not you.

Now AC Rogue does start on this path by making British ships your allies, but on land, the guards will still kill you if you look at them funny or kill an assassin in front of them.

I mean seriously. The Templars work with the British all the time, couldn't they give you some badge guards will recognize and help you? Or even, couldn't there be a military outfit you can put on so you BECOME a guard? The Templars work with the government but they can't get ID to show that they do?

But still, I need to point out that Rogue makes a step in the right direction when it comes to naval warfare.

2. Assassins in a different light. This isn't to say you kill assassins, no. Rogue is a masterpiece in showing you how both factions can save the world when under the correct leadership. It also shows that Assassins aren't, contrary to their own belief, better then the Templars, sure Ezio fought the Borgias who murdered people just for show, but even Templars admit that they weren't the best of leaders. On the other hand, Achilles Davenport was, through his ignorance, the. Rodrigo Borgia of the 18th century!

Bravo, Ubisoft! Bravo!

3. You get boarded! Now this is one of the obvious ones but I'll mention it anyway just make a few points. Now it is a great concept that they have introduced, however I question Ubisoft on this one.

First of all, when you get boarded, you lose about seven crew members instantly, it is ridiculous, since you can't do anything about it. Why couldn't you shout "Brace!" to avoid the damage that, presumably comes from the enemy's Puckle guns. I should also point out that in naval combat, not ship except for your own ever uses Puckle guns, so why do they suddenly appear when you are boarded?

Also, you can only be boarded u brigs.

And finally, a brig can board you the moment it rams you, not when it incapacitates. You have to incapacitate a ship to board it, so this mechanic is inconsistent and I would say it requires improvement, but since this year we are waving good bye to naval gameplay, I hardly see any point.


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