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Chris Argent, who's played by JR Bourne is confirmed to play another unseen supervillain on the small screen. The actor already does a superb job at acting, one of them being his role in Teen Wolf, but also many others, such as Thirteen Ghosts, Brake and The Excorcism of Emily Rose. He is set to play Jeremy Tell, A.K.A. Double Down.


Jeremy Tell (Double Down) is an underused supervillain who has the ability to use his playing card tattoos into DEADLY weapons.

Deremy Tell was a Central-Keystone area con man and gambler, who gained powers when a cursed deck of cards bonded to him. He has since assumed the name Double Down. -
Double Down was introduced by DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns in 2001 as a member of The Flash’s Rogues gallery. Starting off as a gambler, Tell receives his powers when he is attacked by a cursed deck of cards after killing its owner; the cards become embedded in his skin appearing as tattoos, and he can manipulate them to kill or incapacitate his enemies. -

Bourne is only confirmed to appear in one episode of Arrow (episode 3 of season 4).

Given the Rouge’s association with The Flash, it’s also possible he could return somewhere down the line – just as The Flash brought back many of its Rogues throughout the show’s first season – perhaps in the crossover episodes planned for later in the season. -

Considering Double Down's also known for being a villain of The Flash aswell, it's a possibility he may cross-over into season 2 of the scarlet speedster's show too.


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