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I was at first considering writing a simple review form for a video game.

But I have chosen differently. In fact I have chosen to write an opinion on video games and movies in general.


Because it seems to me that the overall quality of video entertainment is declining.

why is it that when I look at the cinema program I see that popular movies today are things such as Southpaw

let's read the description:

A boxer, whose life is falling apart has to fight to reclaim his position at the top.

now what can we assume from the title? Well to me it seems that we are going to see a movie that is going to be composed of fight scenes, stupid jokes, a love story a short scene in which we will see him hating his current life, a short scene in which we see him not believing he's going to win and a short scene in which he will rejoice for his victory. How can I assume he's going to win?

Now if you ask that question, you are an ignorant product of Hollywood brainwashing. If you are asked that question let me reply by a simple well Duh! It's an American movie! Off course is going to end well!

I am sorry if that makes me sound like a sarcastic control, but that is a simple truth. It is truly a mystery to me how someone can look on a blockbuster and feel tension. The last blockbuster movie there was where the hero dies at the end must have been The Gladiator (2002). The last blockbuster movie where the hero is unsuccessful must have been released in the early 70s.

Yet we all still go to the cinema and we feel tension driving down the spine as we stare up on the blank faces of the nameless actors playing out stereo typical that have about as much debt as an episode of Bob the Builder.

I will not deny that there have been many good movies lately. But when I look on the cinema program there is bound to be something I could be interested in, there might be something I kind of want to see. About once a year is there something I would truly like to see.

I can't deny that the movies that are produced today can be very finally have an interesting story and feel tense.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of these movies.

most movies are sorted out in the 3 categories.

category one


Focus group: children age 3 to 9 + parents


1 hero protagonist (handsome, innocent, goodwilled, a royal of possible)

1 villain (obviously dressed, stupid, all round evil, with goals that won't achieve anything, if possible: British or German accent)

1 sidekick to the villain (even more obviously dresses, even stupider, all round evil, only goal is to serve, no accent required)

3-1000 evil henchmen (bad at fighting, all round stupid, nearly blind, unquestioning and once more stupid)

1 sidekick to the hero (friendly, nice, required to be either way smarter or a touch stupider

1 character to have love affair with hero (handsome, smart, opposite gender, Royal of possible)

2-4 chase scenes

1 final showdown in which villain threatens to kill hero's future fiancée and/or sidekick

1-5 smaller fights with henchmen

1 major betrayal

1 end celebration

1 stupid scene to show during the credits

5-30 idiotic jokes

mix all those up, add a few original things, a new setting and you have an all round family friendly, not offensive blockbuster to put in commercial


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