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It should seem obvious from their names, that these 2 female superheroes are pretty similar in many ways. But they've also got their differences. Let's see which is the better hero, and who'd win from the 2 of them!



Zarda (Power Princess)' first appearance was in :

The Defenders #112 - Strange Visitor From Another Planet! - 1972

Now,Big Barda. She was first seen in:

Mister Miracle #4 - The Closing Jaws of Death! - 1971

With only one small year seperating these 2 heroines, Barda's appearance was the first. Sorry Zarda, this round goes to DC'ssuper hero, Big Barda!


Both Zarda and Barda have been categorized as the character type: "God/Eternal" -

Power Princess (Zarda)'s background:

She grew up peacefully on a planet called Utopia. The utopians were a peaceful race.

During Earth-712's equivalent of World War II, Power Princess helped the side of the Allies against Germany and Japan, and served as a member of the Golden Agency. -

They saw atomic and nuclear weapons as a threat to the world.The utopians only avaliable option was to build a spaceship and head to earth, however, Zarda stayed back and served as an emissary for Utopia.

She became a founding member of the most renowned team of heroes on her world: the Squadron Supreme.

And what about Big Barda? Well:

Her mother, Big Breeda, gave birth to Barda on the "hellish" planet, Apokolips. Barda was taken from her mom at a very young age, and was trained as a warrior in Darkseid's army.

While she was still very young, Barda was sent to Granny Goodness' Home for Orphaned Youth, where she grew to be a beautiful, powerful young woman trained in combat and military tactician -

Granny Goodness was impressed with Barda's skill, and selected her to become the leader of Darkseid's personal guard & most feared enforcers, 'The Female Furies'.


Barda's powers are out of the ordinary, not only is she one of the strongest females in the DC universe, and has SUPER strength that she's able to fight Wonder Woman 'to a draw', she is immortal, having stopped aging 'in the youthful time of her life. Barda can also summon aero-discs, which allow her to fly.

Her main weapon is the Mega-Rod, a high-tech device that fires extremely powerful concussive blasts. Barda can use the Mega-Rod to teleport herself or others to any desired location, and it also gives her the ability to manipulate gravitational fields. -

Barda is also immune to a disease called Despotellis.

On the other hand, Zarda has immense human strength, and can lift past 80 tons.

She has super-humanly enhanced speed and reflexes, allowing her reaction time and hence her defensive combat to mix in many highly effective manners. Her skin and mass are highly durable and can deflect most small caliber artillery, explosives, fires, electricity, and physical damage. It takes a great deal of force to knock Zarda out. -

Because she is a utopian, her genes have given her extended longevity, she is also immune to some diseases and illnesses. Unlike Barda, Zarda has the natural ability to fly.

Since she first debuted as Power Princess, Zarda has used a shield of unbreakable transparent material. -

If they fought one on one, it would turn out to be a draw, because their abilities are very similar, so this round goes to the both of them, since they are as strong as eachother!


PERSONALLY, I'd say Big Barda wins this, because she has had experience being on the darkseid (get it? dark side?). Her skill, agility and strength comes from her training she did since a young age. Her courage is what has made her the hero it is.

I'm sorry Zarda, as much of a great heroine you are, not only is your name a big giveaway you are an alternate version of Big Barda, but your origin, to me, seems cliche.




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