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Love Spiderman X-Men and the Avengers
Daniel Peters

Ant-Man is not one of my favorite superheroes to say the least. I was a little weary of this take on the character being the Scott Lang Ant-Man as well. Hank Pym is such a huge part of the Marvel Universe and seeing him as an old man just kind made me a little underwhelmed before even walking into the theatre. That all changed when I saw the first trailer seeing Ant-Man change size and fight some of the bad guys in the movie. The special effects were on point and that was just from the trailer.

First, the movie starts off with some history. I think this was a great way to connect the film to the rest of the MCU. The special effects on Michael Douglas were great and anytime John Slattery can be on the screen as Howard Stark we have a winner. I know many movie reviewers hate back story or exposition to move a story along but in this movie it was very necessary to lay the ground work for Ant-Man in the MCU. Big fan of the opening scene.

Second, Scott Lang is a thief but more of a Robin Hood type thief and that allows the audience to sympathize with him a little bit. He has some humorous friends, Michael Pena stole the show with his story telling scenes. The story in my opinion started a little slow at first trying to get Scott into the Ant-Man costume and the obligatory training montage every superhero movie has and pretty much needs to move things along. Once we mastered his craft as Ant-Man and the plan was set the action was AMAZING.

Lastly, the special effects of the suits and the size changing was on point. The Yellow Jacket suit was great and Darren Cross was a good bad guy. I do agree with GOT author George Martin said about bad guys with the same abilities but it is a superhero movie. The good guys usually fight bad guys like them. The fight scenes were some of the best I have scene out of the MCU. Not a destroy everything type of fight like Hulk or Thor but something very different.

Overall, expectations were low and they were exceeded in every way. I think this movie was great and had just enough in it to tide me over to Civil War. Some good easter eggs and the second end credits scene with Cap and Falcon was just what I needed to wet my whistle.

I know that there are some people out there that think the MCU is too light hearted with too many jokes but I love it and I can't wait until Phase 3 starts.


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