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It's been years that we haven't see a movie based of the classic anime series from our childhood and the rival franchise of Nintendo hit Pokemon and in this article i'm going to show who I want for the role of the Digidestined. Here we go:

Nick Robinson as Tai Kamiya

Nick would be perfect for the role of the Digidestined leader and i love his acting role as the older brother in the summer hit Jurassic World and i imagine an Actor Illusion when he paired with Agumon who's raptor type.

Ross Lynch as Matt Ishida

Ross would fit for the role of Matt since the former have the look of a loner type of guy and Lynch is also an Musician just like Matt.

Joey Bragg as Joe Kido

I choose Joey for the role of the nerd DigiDestined because i love his performance in Disney Channel original series Liv and Maddie, he's also an young Stand Up Comedy and he also resemble the latter as well.

Cameron Boyce as Izzy Izumi

Even Thought Cameron is more of a slacker type of actor, i cast him as Izzy since the former will be starring in a upcoming Disney XD about gaming and the latter happened to be a new techno geek and a gamer too and besides it would be cool if he has the blond hair from his role of the upcoming DCOM The Descendants.

TY Simpkins as T.K. Takaishi

Just like i say to Nick, Ty was also great in Jurassic World as the younger brother and i'm imagined him playing the second youngest of the DigiDestined being very protective to his on screen brother Matt.

Chloe Moretz as Sora Takenouchi

i imagined Chloe for the role as the tomboy of the DigiDestined since she had star in a lot of movies portraying her as very serious like Let Me In, Kick Ass, The Equalizer, among other and do you imagined Chloe with Short Red Hair??.

Hailee Steinfeld as Mimi Tachikawa

Hailee is no stranger of playing Country Girls since she was best known for her star making role as Mattie in 2010 True Grit which earned her an Oscar Nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and both are wonderful singer's especially the former for her role in Pitch Perfect.

Lilla Crawford as Kari Kamiya

Lilla is exactly the same age as Ty, love her performance as Little Red Riding Hood on Into The Woods and she would be perfect for the role of Kari Tai younger sister.


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