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Before I get started, watch this.

Okay, now I'll begin.

What you've just watched is a video by HISHE (How It Should Have Ended). They are a personal favourite of mine on Youtube, and I highly recommend checking out their channel. However the above video got me thinking about reboots, specifically superhero reboots, and why they occur so often.

With the Fantastic Four reboot coming out next week, and the new Green Lantern casting going on behind closed doors, we can look once again at why this happens so often, and why we put up with it. Let's look at some of our favourite heroes who have been rebooted in the last few years, and how the reboot compares to the original.


No picture of dear Mr Holland in costume... yet
No picture of dear Mr Holland in costume... yet

Spider-Man is one of the most unlucky heroes in film. The fourth installment of the Sam Raimi films, starring Tobey Maguire, was cancelled in favour of a reboot with Andrew Garfield, who was also planned to do four films, but only got through two before Sony and Marvel reached a historic accord, and Tom Holland became the new one. We are stuck comparing these two until we see Holland play the role next year in Captain America: Civil War though, and we can say that the original probably wins out here, with the majority of people preferring Maguire in the role to Garfield, although don't get started on who is the best female supporting character.


Cut out the middle picture! I beg you!
Cut out the middle picture! I beg you!

Well Superman has just recently got a very different reboot. Henry Cavill is certainly going to play him the most, already signed up for more films than Christopher Reeve ever played the Man of Steel in. But the question of who is better is interesting indeed. I think it is hard to compare, because so far they have played such different versions. Reeve was indeed the boy scout we've come to expect, while Cavill is a darker, grittier version. Personal preference is for Cavill, but Reeve certainly is excellent. Routh doesn't even get a mention, though he is a great A.T.O.M.


Oh Ang Lee... you crack me up
Oh Ang Lee... you crack me up

Again, there is one version that doesn't deserve a mention. Nothing particularly wrong with Eric Bana, but Ang Lee's whole film was just a joke.
Between Norton and Ruffalo, it is often based on personal preference, though I much prefer Ruffalo. I wish he could get the chance to prove it in a solo movie, but that may be a pipe dream.


Because he's Batman
Because he's Batman

So... many... Batmen. It's hard to call this one. Again, we haven't yet seen Batfleck in action so we can't include him, although he does look set to be great. The thing about Batman actors is that they are normally good at being Bruce Wayne, or are good at being Batman. You normally don't get both, although sometimes you get neither. My favourite is either Michael Keaton or Christian Bale, although I could sit and watch Adam West as the caped crusader all day quite happily.

So it appears as if the original isn't always the best, with the third version of the Hulk being the most widely appreciated and one of the many later versions of Batman being the most loved. But why do some reboots get more hate for being reboots than others? I think part of it is the time between, and that's why Fantastic Four is getting so much hate, and why Spider-Man is going to get blasted for having it's third actor in a decade. The important thing about these most recent of reboots is that it's all part of finally bringing the heroes together on the screen. So stay calm and love superheroes.


Do you think superheroes are rebooted too often?


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