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Welcome to the realm of Acarai, an ancient world in turmoil, with the age of the dragon long over, an evil has risen in its place, an empire that's spreading across the lands unopposed and ruling with ruthless brutality and so far, there is nothing standing in their way, until now. When a timid boy dealt a bad hand and sold into slavery to a cruel dragon slayer makes a discovery he is forced down a dangerous path that will not only effect his life for better or for worse, but the fate of the realm and all the many races. The fate of the world rests on him and shoulders of his partner, a dragon born from legend, Umbracus, dragon king of old.


Wings of Wrath is the first in a trilogy about a world filled with beauty, danger, magic, monsters, mystery, and most importantly, dragons. The tale follows a boy named Arrow whom is the servant of a cruel dragon slayer. However during one job his life changes when he makes a discovery and makes an unlikely friend, a mysterious black dragon. This discovery throws him on a violent adventure where he and a band of unlikely allies are pitted against an empire and the evil forces behind it. Featuring familiar races from classic fantasy as well as some new ones such as the Shaddi, a race of magic sensitive gray-eyed people currently enslaved by humans, and many others as well monsters from multiple mythologies and new ones.

This a dream project of mine I started early in high school and about a year and a half later, I finished the first draft and I realized that I had just created a story that was begging to be shared. So I decided to give it a shot and I'm nearly there with publishing, there is however, just one small problem, editing.

If this sounds like a story you'd be interested in, I currently have a campaign for funding, I need roughly 4,000$ dollars to pay for editing before I can publish it via E-book format. Please use the link below, I will post a rough (and I do mean rough) preview of the first chapters for those interested.

If anyone wants to know any more information if you want updates on the progress, please alert me in the comments, thank you MP Creators community you are all wonderful people.

I have posted a preview here of the first chapter


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