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Gotham is a show the just didn't really grab me at first. It just seemed like a way to make a Batman show without ever showing Batman. Even though the premise didn't really make sense to me, I decided to watch. Just because I love Batman and wanted to at least give it a chance. To my surprise I actually really enjoyed it at first. I also got to give it to this guy.

Jim Gordon played by Ben McKenzie
Jim Gordon played by Ben McKenzie

He's the thing that's kept me on board. Ben McKenzie absolutely kills the role in my opinion. He really shows the intensity that you would imagine Jim would have had needed in his early days at the corruption riddled GCPD. Ben's awesome, but even he can't keep me on board for ever. I liked how they kept the focus on Jim and the force. Then they started with this big sub plot about who killed the Wayne's and why they did it. One of my favorite part of Batman's origin story is that the Wayne's weren't murdered for any specific reason. It was just a mugging gone wrong, a random act of violence.

Instead in this they make it out to be this big conspiracy. My favorite part about the show are the elements pertaining to the mob and Jim, but then all the stuff about the Wayne's just started loosing me. I will admit that I am not caught up and maybe things have gotten better, but I'm not too optimistic. Another thing that is really annoying me about this show is how they are just hashing out Batman villains before there's even a Batman! For instance they're using the Joker this coming season. That's one villain we don't need another incarnation of right now. With the whole DCCU really starting to form next year, it just causes more confusion. Hopefully this show can find the right footing otherwise I don't really see it making it very far, but who knows maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. What do you think? Am I dumb? Let me know in the comments.


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