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So you think Star Wars Rebels is a great a show that everybody loves right? Well I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you're dead wrong.

In this piece I will be comparing the overall viewership that Star Wars Rebels Season 1 has gotten to the overall viewership that Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 had got.

Now please keep in mind that many people will try to explain away these numbers by saying that there are not that many people who have Disney XD (which is the channel that broadcasts Star Wars Rebels) but unfortunately this is not true. According to the Nielsen U.S. cable channel coverage estimate (February 2015) there are approximately 80,120,000 homes that receive Disney XD, additionally Cartoon Network (which was the channel that broadcast Star Wars The Clone Wars) is received by approximately 96,390,000 homes in the U.S. (Source Link)

Now that is out of the way we can get into it.

The first episode of Star Wars Rebels (Spark of Rebellion) got approximately 2,740,000 Viewers. Now that's almost 3 million people who watched the first episode of Star Wars Rebels. Now the first episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars (Ambush) got approximately 3,990,000 Viewers.

I think its safe to say that Rebels started out pretty good almost being on par with the Clone Wars. Now its even harder for people to try and say that there are not that many people who have Disney XD. I mean after all the show premiered with close to 3 million viewers. But sadly for whatever reason Rebels could not hold the interest of its viewers and as a result only 1,030,000 people watched the next episode of Rebels (Droids in Distress). But on the other foot the Clone Wars actually increased its viewers garnering just shy of 5 million viewers with the second episode of the Clone Wars (Rising Malevolence) which got 4,920,000 viewers.

Peoples interest in Rebels seems to be waning, this becomes very apparent with the third episode of Rebels (Fighter Flight) which got 580,000 viewers, kind of funny how "the greatest thing to happen to Star Wars since the Original Trilogy" now only has 500,000 viewers when it started out with almost 3 million and its only the third episode. However the Clone Wars is still doing very good with their third episode (Shadow of Malevolence) getting 2,800,000 viewers.

After this point Star Wars Rebels averages about five to six hundred thousand viewers with the odd episode going a little over seven hundred thousand viewers. The Clone Wars on the other hand holds its audience and garners on average over two million viewers with the last two episodes of the first season getting over three million viewers.

Star Wars Rebels is a bad show and there are at least two million people that think so, if they didn't they would still be watching the show. I mean if you have Disney XD and you payed for it just to watch this show then would you not watch it? Oh and I highly doubt that those two million people are watching this show online now. You want more proof of Rebels decline in popularity well just look at the official Rebels YouTube videos on July 21st of 2014 there was a video uploaded called "Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer (Official)" (Link) the video got 3,615,341 views. Another video was called "Star Wars Rebels Extended Preview (Official)" (Link) and it was uploaded on August 4th of 2014 and it got 1,108,278 views, granted the video lost a few views but it was still over a million, Star Wars Rebels premiered on October 3rd of 2014. I think it is safe to say that there was a lot of hype about this show but the let down was incredible. So now if you look at the Rebels videos on the Official Star Wars Channel you will see that most of the Rebels videos have one to two hundred thousand views with a lot of them having under one hundred thousand views.

Numbers don't lie, and people who try to tell you that most of the people who watch Rebels are watching it online are lying there are no good explanations as to why a show starts off with close to three million viewers and then suddenly drops off to average five to six hundred thousand viewers within the first three episodes. The only explanation is that people clearly did not like the show.

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