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When most people hear Daniel Radcliffe's name they think of the little boy with glasses in the 8 movie series, Harry Potter. Although these were his career launching movies, it is just a portion of the greatness Radcliffe has shown, and he has released a multitude of fantastic work in the years since, such as romantic comedies, horror films, thrillers, and dramas (not to mention his surprising rapping skills). In honor of the fact that his 26th birthday was a few days ago, I thought that I would write an article on his greatest, most accomplished moments as an actor.

1. The Woman In Black (Horror 2012)

This is a terrifying horror film that gives you a taste of Radcliffe's ability to cause hair-raising, bone-chilling scare. It is an incredibly horrifying film about a widower lawyer that takes up residence in a home that is haunted by the spirit of a woman that wants something and will do anything to get it. It is a good old-fashioned, blood-curdling, horror of a film that will leave you shivering under your covers. This movie not only was incredibly popular and successful, but is a perfect example of Radcliffe's acting range.

2. What If (Romantic Comedy 2013)

This is a romantic comedy starring Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, two people who meet through a mutual friend, and really hit it off. Daniel is a recently heartbroken, medical school drop-out who is not interested in dating, until he starts to fall for Zoe's character, Chantry. Although the two really seem to get each other, there is one catch: Chantry has a boyfriend. This rom-com is hysterical, delightful, and just plain lovable, and Radcliffe's acting skills really excelled. He stepped out of his usual brave, adventurous character comfort-zone, and acted wonderfully in the part of someone trying to figure their life out while navigating romantic challenges. It was a definite positive in Radcliffe's acting resume, and a great movie overall.

3. Horns (Fantasy/Thriller 2013)

In the movie Horns, Radcliffe is in his natural element of fantasy, and this is shown through his excellent acting skills. He dives into the deep end of mystery, thrill, and imagination with this film. Horns is a movie about a man who wakes up with supernatural power through horns that have grown on his head, allowing him to avenge his girlfriend's death and defeat the killer. It is quite a fantastical film that will leave you intrigued and a little bit weirded out. Definitely a great moment in Radcliffe's career.

4. Harry Potter (2001-2011)

Harry Potter is the obvious shining moment in Radcliffe's ever-growing career. He is both a wonderful actor as well as a perfect match for Harry- filling the role perfectly. I honestly could not imagine another actor that could play the role as incomparably as Radcliffe, because he executes the part so well, and really gives you the image you imagine while reading the Harry Potter books.

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe, thanks for sharing your incredible acting skills with the world! Here is a video of Radcliffe rapping to brighten up your day.


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