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Ok guys, so you all know that whole plot leak a little while ago claiming that this is the leaked plot for Batman v Superman. Well I'm gonna explain why it isn't real.

Warner Bros. isn't letting this movie leak and potentially let millions, maybe billions of dollars flush down the toilet.

Guys come on, there no way IN HELL WB gonna let this movie have its plot leak 8 months from now, no way in hell. That literally millions of dollars potentially billions of dollars being wasted by this plot being leaked and trust me WB would have been pissed off. Remember the leaked Suicide Squad footage and how pissed they were given out that statement, imagine if the plot got leaked.

Would have been taken down by now

Give me a break
Give me a break

Look the plot leak has been up for at least what going on a full month now? Yeah that has fake written all over it, no way if the leaked plot was real WB would allow it to stay on for this long. Currently the leaked plot is up on Reddit as of right now and you can even check it out for yourself. Now ask yourself this if you owned a company like Warner Bros. are you telling me you would allow probably one of the biggest movies of all time to leak. I mean we barely saw any set photos from the movie your telling me the script will get leaked now?

IMDb is very unreliable.

Now from what I've read the supposed leak came from IMDb. Let me make this clear IMDb is a very unreliable website. Literally I could go on there right now and type up something and make a claim that it real, what I'm trying to say is it came from a unreliable website so nine times out of ten it fake. But granted it could be real seeing how IMDb is completely wrong but I'm willing to bet if the person who supposedly leaked the script saying it real why leak it on IMDb and not all over the internet.

Several inconsistencies and missing scenes

The leaked script had several inconsistencies and missing plot points. For example no mention of the desert scene with Batman or mention of the Superman soldiers. Also it says Batman has been around Gotham for 15 years but in the Comic -Con trailer Ben says 20, another thing to point out is the Senator last name isn't Cale it Finch. Things like this prove it fake and isn't legit, if the so called plot leak was real and if was the official script why did it leave out several scenes like the ones I mentioned and miss several inconsistencies that don't match up what has been confirmed by WB and Zack Snyder or what WB and Zack are wrong and don't know what there talking about. Come on now really?

It's barely been mentioned

Heroic Hollywood
Heroic Hollywood

The leaked script has barely been mentioned at all. If it was leaked and was supposedly real it would have spread like wildfire reason being this movie is huge and everyone wants little tidbits of it and the fact of the matter is the supposed script has been leaked and it isn't trending all across social media websites or is being talked about heavily on major movie article websites at all proves that it was fake to begin with. Trust me a major leak from a movie like this would have people jumping up and down but the fact that not too many people are on it means something.

This has happened to WB before

Remember another major movie from WB that was leaked a few years ago? A certain movie called The Dark Knight Rises, yeah wasn't that plot leaked and did WB even bother to take it down? Well come to find out the leaked plot was complete B.S and didn't match up with anything in the movie. Now with Batman vs Superman I won't lie certain things do match up in the trailer but honesty whoever wrote that could have picked up every rumor about the movie and turn it into a leaked script and not every rumor connected to a movie is true. Point being is if WB saw the leaked plot and it found out it actually real they would have taken it down so quick we wouldn't have even heard of it to begin with

No legal action

No legal action has been announced by WB. Usually if something like this happens automatically studios will look to pursue legal actions against the person who has done so, like the Avengers for example. When the script got leaked for the Avengers Disney automatically pursued legal action against the person who leaked the script. Come to find out the person who did the action was thrown in jail and was sued by Disney. Now if the leaked script was real for Batman v Superman why hasn't WB even announced legal action for this, well reason being it not real. Look you guys know how all the leaked trailers get pulled eventually right well how come for a movie of this scale hasn't gotten the supposed leak script pulled, that tells you something right away. WB would have tracked the person down and sued the person for this type of conduct.

Ok guys well that all I have to say about the supposed "leaked" script of Batman v Superman and giving you reasons of why it not real. If you somehow disagree lol make sure to comment down below and don't forget to share this article and follow my page. See ya!


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