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Will someone with Arachnophobia watch Spider-Man? Maybe they would, since Spidey does not have eight legs or many eyes with venomous fangs. But how do they cope with the scene when all the tiny spiders come out? What about those with Acrophobia? Are they going to avoid movies with many scenes at height such as those from Marvel or Star Wars?

Before anything else, it is vital to mention that I am not making fun of people with phobias; I am merely curious and I myself, have my own fears too. There are hundreds of phobias existed and some of these phobias are not discovered until that unfortunate day comes where you realise you have uncontrollable, extreme reactions by just looking at it or hearing a mention.

Some phobias are developed from unpleasant or traumatic events and there is no cure to it unless that certain person is ready, to overcome fears. But how do people with phobias cope with the movies they are afraid of?

You might think, why would they even watch it?

Poor cat with cucumber phobia...
Poor cat with cucumber phobia...

There are actually two possible situations to this. Either they don't know their fear would be within the movie, or they want to watch the movie in spite of their phobia.

As for me, I do not have any medically recognised phobias but I do know what I am afraid of. I do not wish to reveal all of them in this post but like many other people in the world, I am afraid of insects.

I know this fear of mine may not be compared to other phobias as it is quite common. It is not that serious as if it badly affects my mental health or daily life. But sadly, I am also afraid of ants that are normally harmless to people.

Other species of insects, you don't even have to guess that I would certainly freak out when they are in skin contact with me. I always feel uncomfortable when there are insects near me and I would even have difficulty to leave a certain place if there is an especially large one at the exit.

So, how do I cope with things I am afraid of? Will I watch the movies that I am afraid of?

Easy there...stay calm...
Easy there...stay calm...

The past few years, I have dedicated myself to my own self development. This includes dealing with my fears while I am alone. I felt that I am too easily frightened as a person and that my reactions are ridiculous. If I am stuck or being overwhelmed by my fears, how am I going to progress in life? How am I going to be independent if I cannot manage myself?

I do not know how to explain this but my personality is a bit strange. I am inquisitive and I appreciate many things. I am always fascinated with life and I study a lot. Although I may be afraid of these tiny creatures collectively derogated by us as creepy crawlers, there is a chance that you may find me reading about them and looking at images of them for hours.

After learning to appreciate the beauty of insects and forcing myself to keep my reactions down, I come to think... Maybe I am not really afraid of insects after all. Perhaps I am just afraid of being bitten by them or whatever it is messing with my mind subconsciously in the short term.

In the end, I have realized that I do not have extreme fears. I have no issues watching insects. I am very sure that they will not come out of the screen. They can't touch, bite or sting me. I always remind myself; insects do not have bad intentions and they are also living beings just like us.

Since I loved film industry so dearly and have confirmed via hands-on experience that it is my pathway; nothing can stop me from watching all kinds of movies that have attracted my interest and attention!

This is how I cope with one of my fears and I hope I would eventually overcome all of them! On how to deal with movies that you are afraid of, I would suggest to believe and understand that nothing is 100% real on screen as they are all mise en scène, but this might not work for everyone.

Speaking up on this issue will help many others with similar fears in dealing with phobia. Do you have phobias and how do you cope with movies you are afraid of? You know, some movies are too good to miss!


Will you watch a movie that you are afraid of? Cast your vote and tell us why in the comment section!


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