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I love everything Spider-Man related. But, I'm honestly tired of seeing the same old origin story with a young and naive Peter Parker. Plus, I've always seen Spider-Man working better as an episodic series. I'd like to see a veteran Peter Parker in his twenties with all the characters in the Spidey universe that we love! Enjoy the article!

This show would need the perfect network to work with. Someone who could handle the special effects and advertising. It would have to be done by one of these following networks...


HBO could handle this series because of it's budget and ability to advertise shows in a way to bring in large audiences.


ABC could handle this series because they already have the Marvel show, Agents of Shield. This show has been very well received with fans and critics alike. Along with some top-notch special effects for a TV show and amazing market for advertising.


Netflix has been setting the foundation for a complete Marvel takeover. Spider-Man is coming to the MCU and it would be in great company on Netflix with Daredevil and the upcoming Netflix show, AKA Jessica Jones.

First of all, this series would need a great director. Someone who can take something that has been done so much and make it interesting still! I believe the only man who could do this justice is...

Charles Beeson:

The reason I chose Beeson is very specific. He directed an episode of Supernatural, it was entitled 'The French Mistake.' It was filled with hilarity and self referencing on a level like no other. He is the only director I would trust with this series.

This article is just for the first season of this show. If I get a lot of positive feedback on this, then I will make one for season two.

In season one we learn that both Gwen and her father are dead at this point. Peter has been through a few years as the web slinger. Uncle Ben has been passed away for quite a while now, so no point in casting him. Each season will focus on a villain of the sinister six. Building up to a seventh season jam packed with all the villains, with the final episode of Peter retiring the Spidey suit and settling down with Mary Jane.

Now, since this is only season one, I should tell you guys and gals who the villain would be. The villain for the first season should be...

Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin- Kevin Spacey:

Kevin has been absolutely phenomenal as Francis Underwood in House of Cards, due to that performance I am very sure he would knock this role out of the park and knock out a few streetlamps too. You may think he's too big of a name for this, but House of Cards is an original Netflix show. If this Spider-Man show started on Netflix, the leap over wouldn't be too bad.

Peter Parker/ Spider-Man- Brenton Thwaites:

He could play an experience Peter Parker and has a physique that could pull off a Spider-Man who has been fighting baddies as long as he has!

Mary Jane Watson- Karen Gillan:

She's gorgeous, incredibly talented and has definitely earned her nerd card via being the Doctor's companion. She would be an excellent Mary Jane!

Harry Osborn- Jake Abel:

Jake was great in Supernatural and Percy Jackson, he plays the neglected son so incredibly well and what is Harry Osborn other than neglected by his father, Norman Osborn.

Aunt May- Diane Keaton:

She's been acting for a long time and she has been doing it wonderfully. I see no other choice for a better Aunt May than Diane.

J Jonah Jameson- John C. McGinley:

If you've seen him on Scrubs, then you should know exactly why he'd be great in this role. He can consistently play a berating, grumpy, older man. It's so damn hard to replace JK Simmons in this role, but McGinley could possibly be better.

What did you peeps think?

Should I do a season two?

Leave your feedback down below!


Who should be the focus villain of season two?


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