ByScott Franklin, writer at

With all of the buzz around the Suicide Squad trailer, with it passing up the Dawn of Justice trailer there have been a lot of eyes trying to absorb every shot.

But I have been trying to string the pictures together because it would make sense with how little shooting they have done that only a few scenes would have been shot so what was shown will mostly go together.

There are a few key details that I have noticed - to start with is this panda:

Now everyone notices him the first time but the second time he is much easier to miss...

And here he can be scene with the Joker meaning that they are some how working together to break into or out of some place.

Then we cut to a fight between a women when she is being pinned down by the force breaking in or out.

Then she is tied down...

...and tortured by the Joker which you can tell by the iconic purple gloves...

...and then in the last scene by the glasses. Which means that the joker is breaking in our out a place and then torturing a woman. Now the real question is where does this fit in the Suicide Squad movie. Well I believe the blonde women in question would be none other than Harley Quinn. She looks very similar to Margot Robbie.

Then also in the comics Harley started out as the Joker's doctor, which then lead to the Joker driving her insane and having him join her.

That sanity breaking would be very hard to show on film however if the Joker went to more shocking methods it would fit the story and give the director a way to bypass the hard part of the comic story to translate to film and have it not be back story breaking. Over all I just manly hope that Harley gets well written and brings a little fun into the DC Cinematic Universe.


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