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I have never read any of the Ant-Man comics, so I had very little knowledge going into this film besides that it is from Marvel and is about an ant superhero. I have to say that I very much loved this film.

It has a very intriguing and creative storyline. We have our main protagonist Scott Lang, who was in prison for theft, but was later released, and finds this suit that can make him shrink into the size of an ant. We also have Scott's family: his ex-wife Maggie and his daughter Cassie. Scott is determined to protect Maggie and Cassie and be a better dad. Scott goes on these adventures in the Ant-Man suit and can ride on flies, which is pretty neat. Then, we have Hank Pym who was once an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. and was the original Ant-Man before Scott as well as his daughter Hop van Dyne. We have Luis, a former cellmate of Sott's, who Scott seeks help from, and has a crew who commit burglary for money for Scott since he is unable to get a job due to his criminal record. Finally, we have the villain Darren Cross, who once worked for Pym but now has taken over Pym's company and designs the "Yellowjacket Suit" using similar technology to that of the Ant-Man suit, which allows him to possess superhuman abilities.

The film is well acted. Paul Rudd did a great job as Scott Lang/Ant-Man, as well as Evangeline Lily as Hope and Corey Stoll as Cross. Michael Douglas stole the show as Hank Pym.

The action scenes are neat and intense. It is neat how when the Ant-Man and the Darren (in the Yellowjacket suit) fight, they do it in insect size and in human size. The adventure scenes are also neat and they are quite thrilling. When Ant-Man is down to Ant size, it feels like an experience as he goes through things that he would other wise not fit through. My personal favorite "adventure" sequence in the film would probably be the dance party scene. There is not a single moment where I was bored with the film.

It is also quite funny at times. Luis has quite a sense of humor as he tells Scott the these stories that contain clues. It also has some cleve/funny references to The Avengers.

Peyton Reed did a great job directing. It is well shot and the action scenes were well choreographed. When Ant-Man is down to Ant size, it feels like an experience as he goes through things that he would other wise not fit through and they pulled it off quite well. The special effects, while mostly CGI, are quite impressive.

There is not a single part of this film that I did not like.

Overall, Ant-Man is a thoroughly entertaining Marvel superhero flick and would highly recommend it to fans of superheroes.


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