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5. Antony - Ant Man

Scott Lang's trusty steed Worker 247, or later known as Antony, is bound to be up with the greats when it comes to Superhero pets. Right up there with Krypto, Lockheed and Ace.

4. Imaginary Boyfriend - Inside Out


The moody imaginary boyfriend of Riley Anderson wasn't a large part of the movie, but he sure was memorable. A bunch of Canadian born emo clones who end up sacrificing themselves to help Joy save Riley.

3. The Electric Guitar Guy - Mad Max Fury Road

In Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron's epic 2 hour climax of a film, one of the most memorable characters is the blindfolded war boy shredding on a guitar. When he played, Max and the rest knew Joe and his goons were coming, and the absolute bizarre awesomeness of this guy made him unforgettable.

2. Anton - Spy

Oh, poor poor Anton. A loyal henchman to Rose Byrne's fowl mouthed kinda-villain, he was absolutely decimated by Melissa McCarthy's barrage of insults that even he admits goes too far. I also thought over including 50 Cent and Aldo, but Anton was just so absolutely dumped on that I gave this too him out of pity.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex - Jurassic World


Jurassic World was an all around Ok movie, but BY FAR, the greatest part of the movie was the final battle, in which the T-Rex, Blue and the water dinosaur, all gang up on the Andominus Rex, and once Chris Pratt and the gang leaves, peace has been restored on Isla Nublar, and T-Rex and Blue can both put aside their differences for this time, and take down the enemy. And, at the last shot of the film, the clawed at and beaten up T-Rex climbs atop the Research building, looks upon Jurassic World, now belonging to the dinosaurs, and lets out a loud and passionate roar.


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