ByShai Ben Yacov, writer at

Here's my idea for the sequel:

After the disaster and tragedy in Jurassic World, the owners of the park are notified they will never be able to open the park ever again.

Understanding that the cost of operating the facility without generating any sort of revenue will leave them broke, the park ownership is handed over to the U.S. government who shuts down the doors for the park for 4 years.

After 4 long years without knowing what the government has done with the dinosaurs, and without being able to reach the island in anyway, our boy Owen(Chris Pratt), is able to sneak in to the island to discover that all the dinosaurs are gone!

Where and how did they disappear without anyone noticing, and what is the government's plan?
Owen is seeking out the answers in the sequel to reveal a shocking discovery.

Coming out 2018!


What do you think about this plot line?


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