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I am absolutely a child of the 90's! I recently found the Now That's What I Call Music 6 CD at a thrift shop, bought it, put it in the car stereo, and was jamming. I looked in the rear view mirror at my children, thinking I was going to see them jamming too.... No such luck. They looked like they smelled something raunchy! I'm like "guys, I loved this music when I was your age". My nine year old says " sorry, mommy, but this song is weird. Can we listen to One Direction?" My response, "One Direction ain't got sh*t on Backstreet Boys!!" And I cranked up "Show me the meaning of being lonely". I swear, I would see them in concert right now if they were touring. My friends and I were some hard core Backstreet fans! We would have had a rumble with N'sync fans any day of the I love seeing stuff about the 90's on here. In a way, I feel old reading it and thinking about how much things have changed. But in another way, it takes me back, and makes me feel young again. The 90's definitely rocked! Generation X baby! We still got it going on!


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