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You may be familiar with these 2 names, since they are 2 of the new superheroes we will all get a chance to see in the new & upcoming series, Titans, by TNT. Since these 2 AMAZING DC characters haven't been cast as of yet, I thought I'd rally up a few star contestants that could play either character. Now, let's begin!


Here's a brief summary of who Raven is:

Raven battles the forces of evil alongside her adoptive family, the Teen Titans, while trying to control her baser, antagonistic instincts she inherited from her demonic father, Trigon. -

In other words, a demonic girl trying to hide that side of her and show herself as a hero.


1. Taissa Farmiga

I absolutely LOVED her roles as Zoe Benson and Violet Harmon, on the HIT TV series American Horror Story. That show itself is very dark, as were both of her characters. In this case, her role as Zoe would relate more to Raven's character, because they both have a significant amount of power that they're able to use. If Farmiga was able to pull of that character, then becoming Raven will be a breeze for her.

2. Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed is able to pull of the 'dark' type of character any day. A perfect example of this is when her Teen Wolf character, Allison Argent, when into her 'sort of' dark side / stage. Raven is a very dark character herself, so Reed would be able to pull it off. Plus, ever-since this Teen Wolf actress has left the show, she's pretty much dissapeared from TV.

3. Ksenia Solo

Best known for playing as Tasha on 'Like Unexpected' and Kenzi on 'Lost Girl', Solo has what it takes. She's starred in movies like 'The Factory' and 'Black Swan'. From all my other choices, she DEFINITELY has the LOOKS.


Starfire is an alien princess from the (destroyed) planet, Tamaran, who traveled to Earth to find a new home.

Formerly warrior Princess Koriand'r of the now-destroyed planet Tamaran, Starfire found a new home on Earth, and a new family in the Teen Titans. She has also served with the Outsiders, Justice League, R.E.B.E.L.S. and the Outlaws. -


1. Skyler Samuels

This 'Scream Queens' star is one of my favorite choices for Starfire. Not only does she have a beautiful, young face for TV, she also got the looks (The strawberry blondish hair, to be exact), and the talent. She's the perfect, fresh face we need for a DC hero. She shows that she's able to handle action/ fighting scenes excellently. She has a small part in AHS Freakshow, and who knows? Maybe that small part could lead to playing such a huge role.

2. Lindy Booth

Being one of the older actresses in this list, I still think she'd be a pretty good choice for Starfire. She'd be PERFECT to play a more adult, mature version of Starfire, but nonetheless, she's still an amazing actress, who has starred in 'Wrong Turn', 'Cry Wolf' and 'Dawn of the Dead'. Plus, judging from the fact she has been in many 'supernatural' / 'horror' movies, she'd be able to pull off an alien princess easy peasy.

3. Jane Levy

One thing for sure, is that Levy DEFINITELY looks the part, which is such an advantage. She led ABC's comedy TV show, which discontinued last year, 'Suburgatory'. Starfire has a humorous side to her, and Levy would EASILY be able to portray that.

ABC’s loss could be Titans gain. We know Levy is a versatile actress. Just compare her role in the ABC comedy to her stint on Shameless as the original Mandy Milkovich! -


Which actress do you prefer for RAVEN?


Who's perfect to be cast as Starfire?


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