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Yo think you know Nightwing? You don't know about Dick. This is my crowdfunding project (theoretically) and I'm here to tell you why it should happen.

Dick Grayson is many things: Robin, Batman, a vigilante, Nightwing, a dead man... and now a superspy.

You all know the story of Nightwing, the child who lived in a circus and his parents were killed and then Batman came along and took him in. He then became his sidekick as Robin and went on to Blüdhaven and became his mentor. Then his apparent death in Forever Evil (won't spoil it for you). Well now he has resurfaced and is working for an organisation called 'Spyral'.

It would be like James Bond but waaaaayyyy more impressive.

No matter what
No matter what

The first few episodes would be set as flashbacks as Dick is recruited by Spyral and undergoes his training. The flashbacks would start at the time of his 'death' as Lex Luthor kills him (you still don't know the whole story) and then go backwards from his time in Blüdhaven then to his time as Batman then to Robin then to his time as part of the 'Flying Graysons'.

As I'm still under 18 (lol) I plan for this to happen in the future but it would be great if DC / Warner Bros notice this and decide its a great idea and make it happen.



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