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Going to prison is no good for anyone, but these movie characters learned their lessons, and so did we.

"There Is No True Hope Without Despair"

Tom Hardy's Bane;Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
Tom Hardy's Bane;Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

This can be a creepy message, but if we think about it, people are often having difficulties in their lives, and sometimes those difficulties can lead people to think and feel like they just ran into a dead end. Yes life is hard, but in some cases hitting bottom is what we need to stand up and get into action.

In this particular case, Bane is trying to tell Bruce Wayne (and the audience) that we only find hope when we are most desperate, and he's right, we need that feeling of being at the lowest point so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's in most people's nature, and sometimes its the only way we can achieve our full potential.

Everything You Think You Know Could Be Wrong

Edward Norton's Derek Vinyard; American History X.
Edward Norton's Derek Vinyard; American History X.

They say that not everything you know is true, and American History X has made a point for this.

During his time in prison, the main character Derek slowly finds out that his own beliefs are pointless there, since he is aided by an African American prisoner, who protected him from other nazis and inmates from different cultures and ideologies.

As we watch this movie, we start thinking if our own ideals might be misguided by our own efforts to find our place in the society, or if the foundations of our beliefs could be just the fact that we are like we are because that's the way we were raised by our parents. When Derek gets out of prison and finds his little brother Daniel following his footsteps, Derek tries to teach his brother a lesson about quitting his lifestyle and following a new, right way of living.

This gets us thinking about the things we do, and our ways of thinking could be changed for better, before it bring us consequences that could totally change our lives for the worst.

Stay Focused In Your Goals.

Gary Oldman's Sirius Black; Harry Potter Series.
Gary Oldman's Sirius Black; Harry Potter Series.

It is a known fact, that keeping our goals set and well focused will help us to achieve them. When you have to go through hell and back, you realize that is an undeniable truth.

After being in Azkaban Prison for 12 years, Sirius Black finally escaped to fulfill his goals: Finding his son in law and avenging his friends James and Lilly Potter.
Ok, most of us don't have to be in prison to learn this; if we keep our horizons we will find the end of the journey, whether that could be a college degree, our dream job or anything else we want to achieve in life, but saying it and doing it are completely different things. So why is Sirius Black an example? Because he was literally in the worst case scenario possible (other than death), for a criminal in the magical world.

Miracles Do Exist, And Anybody Can Make One.

Michale Clarke Dundan's John Coffey; The Green Mile
Michale Clarke Dundan's John Coffey; The Green Mile

Miracles do exist, and this movie, inspired by Stephen King's book "The Green Mile," makes this message clear. We meet John Coffey, a man convicted for murdering and raping two little girls, a man with a gift. And we aren't talking about Coffey's ability to heal people's ailments like urinary infections or brain tumors, or his ability to give people visions of events he has witnessed.

We are talking about a simpler set of qualities, more and more rare among people today: kindness, a deep respect for living beings and the ability to separate what's right from what's wrong and living through the right side of life.

In this movie we are able to witness that kindness is of vital importance in our lives, showed through John Coffey's actions and also through other characters like prison warden Paul Edgecomb (played by Tom Hanks).

Whether kindness is shown by helping others like when Coffey heals Edgecomb's urinary infection and removes cancer from the wife of the prison director, or when warden Edgecomb gives other inmates a quiet, kind and compassionate passing before their execution in the electric chair. OR for example, granting Coffey the last wish of watching a movie for the first time in his life.

We were moved into tears by this movie so many times that by the end we are willing to give our best for other people; maybe in small gestures or really important actions.

By doing so in our everyday life we are being part of miracles all the time, sometimes without knowing it, because we could never know how big our small actions could turn to be.

I Hope we all learned this and other valuable lessons while watching these films, think about it and don't you ever forget to tell us...


Which lesson do you learn and teach to people everyday?


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