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The work that goes into making a good movie can be very expensive and very time-consuming. There is work that has to go into lighting, costumes, special-effects, and one of the most important parts is making sure that the setting can be created to fit the movie exactly. Many of us movie-lovers would be surprised at the location of some of our favorites, and very often the plot location is different then the actual location of the film.

1. Jurassic Park (Hawaii):

If you haven't been to Hawaii then you probably imagine it as a perfectly serene tropical beach with crystal clear water and soft sands. Parts of Hawaii do fit this common description, but other parts are green and wet. Many of Hawaii's islands are luscious and thick forests of green, exactly where a dinosaur park could fit in. In the well-known series, Jurassic Park is supposed to take place off of the coast of Costa Rica. It is, however, mostly filmed in Kawaii. Despire wanting to film in Costa Rica, Spielberg was forced to find a new loation because of the danger and concerns about accessibility.

2. Twilight (Oregon)

Within the narrative, Twilight takes place in Forks, WA, however, most of the scenes were filmed in Oregon. This is very interesting because it shows how the film makers took advantage of a similar weather scheme and ended up filming in a location that may have been more practical for them.

3. Charlottes Web (Australia)

Although the book 'sWeb takes place in Maine originally it was filmed in Australia. This is incredibly surprising, but Greendale, Australia happens to fit the setting of the book quite well. A random interesting fact is that the movie was released in Australian theaters first as well to avoid the release date competing with other movies that were being released the same day in America.


Which location surprised you the most?


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