ByRobert Kottwitz, writer at
Robert Kottwitz
...ectors behind the sences. Really none at all. The same for DC can be said. With Whedon it is slightly different because of his direct involvement with Marvel. And his vocal upsetness. Wright was on the Ant-Man project from 06. That's nine years ago. A lot can change between then. Both Wright and Marvel acknowledge that. Jenkins will probably get another movie to work on, watch it be Miss Marvel. And as for DuVernay she was offered Black Panther but refused it during negotiations. She wasn't working for Marvel. And and on a side note "DC allows more director freedom." No they don't. All their previous comic films are invalid when it comes to director freedom; none of them were expanded universities or connected with each other. They were all contained franchises. So we have no idea how fluid any of their comic movies we feel once connected, they have presented no basis for us yet. Though I am excited to see how DC pulls this off. And lastly, what is the one thing Marvel hasn't done with any of their previous directors? Even with Whedon. Marvel hasn't bad mouthed any of them.

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