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There were a lot of firsts in EA's FIFA title this year. Players were allowed to vote on the cover star, women's football was finally joining the mix, and just last week we discovered that Women's teams would be recognized on the cover of FIFA 16 too. All seemed to be going very well - even though the their arrival into the game feels like a consolation prize in its very limited execution.

But of course, you still have those backward misogynists complaining that Women's Football should never have come anywhere near FIFA 16. But it seems that certain countries aren't exactly ready to move forward with the times. Alex Morgan will be joining Messi on the cover of FIFA 16 in the USA and Canada, Christine Sinclair will be on in Australia, but not everywhere has recognized or accepted this small sign of progression.

FIFA 16 Cover
FIFA 16 Cover

FIFA 16 Cover - The Cover Vote Hasn't Supported Women's Football

In the UK and Brazil, the cover vote has kept women from the cover of FIFA 16 and it really is shame. EA should have celebrated the arrival of Women's football by having their presence celebrated on the front of the box art. After all, the World Cup was on this year! However, Alex Morgan (really?) has taken women's place in the UK whereas Oscar will feature on Brazil's. There are bound to be a few more men taking the place of women in other countries, and while I understand that these players were voted on, it doesn't give these countries the best of an image.

I'm sure a lot of players have found it to be pretty cool that FIFA 16 will feature a football star that their vote helped get, but after EA announced the presence of Alex Morgan on the cover - and she was clearly so proud of that moment - it seems unfair that every country won't be able to celebrate this step forward together. Perhaps FIFA 17 will start to feature a female football player every year and their presence will include a lot more than 12 national teams.

FIFA 16 Cover
FIFA 16 Cover

But what do you guys think about this development? FIFA 16 has already come under extreme controversy following FIFA's actions and it sucks to see certain countries won't be following suit in accepting women's football. So well done to America, Canada and the UK so far! Let's hope other countries follow in your footsteps and women's football becomes a more common place feature in football sims!


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