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With the released of the Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No which premiere last Wednesday and sadly we are having another one next year, i'm gonna show the 8 best sharks in popular culture from all the media:

8. Sharkboy from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D

Sharkboy (played by a pre-Twilight Taylor Lautner) was a young boy who travel around the sea with his father until a storm separated them and SB was so alone in the sea until a group of shark's rescue him and raised him as their own, SB later help dream boy Max along with his ally LavaGirl to save their home planet Planet Drool from the forces of evil.

7. Tiger Shark (Marvel)

Todd Arliss was an Olympic-level athlete, competing as a swimmer. He loved the fame that came with it, and tried to increase his standing by staging a daring rescue, but things went wrong. Paralyzed, he did what anyone would do: had his genes spliced with Namor’s and a tiger shark. Of course calling himself “Human-Namor-Shark-Man” would’ve been unruly, so he just went with the last ingredient. Now able to breath underwater, swim even faster, and, uh, bite stuff, he naturally became a villain.

6. Street Sharks

The Shark Version of the Ninja Turtles, SS were four brother's who became half man half shark by a gene-slammer of the father’s invention (unlike the TMNT who were originally normal turtles), any 90's kids remember seeing the show in your childhood.

5. Shark-Girl - X-Men

Iara Dos Santos is one of the newer mutants in the Marvel Universe, first appearing in January 2013’s Wolverine and the X-Men #20 by Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw. She is basically a were-Shark, though she retains her full conscious and active mind when in shark form, at least until she tastes blood.

4. Grizzly Shark

In a world, where a Bear lives in the Sea acting like a Shark, and a Shark lives in the forest acting like a Bear, you get: Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard’s Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark! Are you asking yourself, “Is this real? This must be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, right?” Yes, this is real, and yes, it’s the most ridiculous concept you’ve ever heard. A lesson in absurdity, Grizzly Shark’s entire half of this double-sized one-shot consists of him jumping out of trees and bushes, and biting people in half.

3. King Shark - DC Comics

King Shark has had a few different incarnations and backstories in the twenty-odd years he’s been around, but in the New 52, he’s a Hammerhead Shark human hybrid who certainly likes eating people a lot. He’s most often been the son of a Shark God. In his animated feature debut, however, he just had a metal jaw and teeth, similar to “Jaws” in the James Bond universe, fin-like hair, and a bit of a skin condition. Still, wouldn’t want to cross paths with him and it's also rumored to appear in the upcoming Suicide Squad portray by Raymond Olubowale.

2. Bruce the Shark - Finding Nemo

Bruce is a Great White Shark from Pixar Classic Finding Nemo and consider one of the best character from the film, he's a Vegetarian Shark who made friend with the protagonist Marlin and Dory when they begin searching for the former son the titular character nemo and he's very kind with them.

1. Jaws

The best Killer Shark of all time and one of the best film Steven Spielberg ever made about a Shark terrorizing an small island community of Amity and a police chief, a marine scientist and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it and it spawned three other sequel (with the final part consider as one of the worst film ever).


Who's your favorite Fictional Shark's and don't see your favorite on the list?? Comment Below


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