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Hello again! Today, I am talking about who I think is going to be the villain for the Suicide Squad movie and why. Yes, over the past couple of days I have seen articles just like mine, and some of them make sense. But, all of them missed one person that no one would possibly notice. So today, I am listing my top 3 choices for the possible villain in Suicide Squad. (Note: You're heading into spoiler territory.) So, let's get started!

1.) Lex Luthor

Now, I'm sure you're saying, "Well how can Lex be the villain in a movie about villains?" Well, in the comics most people know that Superman only has two weaknesses, which are magic and Kryptonite. They might put this reference in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now,the only known person in the movie is none other than Enchantress.

Rumors going back a long time had suggested that Lex was going on the hunt for her and possibly locking her away with other powered people. And the rumor also stated that it was up to the Squad to get to her before Luthor did.

2.) Enchantress

If the rumor is indeed true, than what if Enchantress is the villain? She could use her powers to try and stop both the Squad and Lex from getting to her. In the first trailer, Will Smith's Deadshot said that they were some sort of Suicide Squad. If her powers are uncontrollable, would they cause the Squad's death or drive them all to complete madness? Let's hope not, cause I want more of them in the future.

3.) Katana

When I saw Karen Fukuhara's Katana in the Suicide Squad trailer, I thought to myself on why she was there in the first place. And when I always think of Katana, I think of her as a hero, not a villain. So I came up with the crazy idea that Katana is actually working undercover for someone and is grabbing intel. But who could she be working for though? How about... Batman!!!

Think about it, Katana isn't really a supervillain. She's always fought for the good side, and this can kinda make sense. Imagine this being the crazy plot twist and the Squad has to fight her. And then it would be cool to see Ben Affleck's Batman fly in and fight alongside her.

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