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Back in 2002, a film was released that was so bad, so unbelievably unpolished and so ridiculous, that when I saw the trailer for it I couldn't understand how on Earth Hollywood would allow this to happen. Then one day I actually saw Kung Pow: Enter the Fist and since then, I've lost count of just how many times I've seen it. I still can't explain it, but it's one movie that will always make me laugh despite how cringe-worthy it should have been to me. To this day, it remains one of the most quotable movies among my group of friends and I can't even say the name of Nintendo's Wii U console without thinking of the film's heroine.

Steve Oedekerk, the writer, director & star of the original cult film, recently made an appearance at Dragonfest last week, where he announced that he was finally moving forward with the development of a Kung Pow sequel. The first question that many will ask themselves is "Why?" but to the rest of us who have fallen in love with this film, we're excited to see what Steve Oedekerk does with the sequel. There's a very good chance that movie will be in every way as horrible as the first, and I'm genuinely excited at that prospect. Oedekerk isn't just the one man force behind this film though, and has helped write the scripts for several films such as Bruce Almighty, The Jimmy Neutron Movie, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and most recently, Cowboys & Aliens.

Kung Pow was able to craft its story from editing and clipping together various clips from the Chinese film, Tiger and Crane Fist, while also poorly dubbing over the audio on purpose to add to the comedic tone of the film. If Oedekerk is moving ahead with a sequel, then that means that he's not only got a story in mind that will continue the adventure of The Chosen One, but he's also found another movie that he can take apart and use in his film.

Oedekerk Now Vs. Oedekerk Then
Oedekerk Now Vs. Oedekerk Then

I'm excited for this. Like, really excited. This movie is ingrained into my memory and now I'm probably going to watch it again. What Oedekerk needs to do to improve the sequel is to amp the cheese up tremendously and let the film be as corny as it can possibly be. The first movie even ended with a set-up for a sequel and I'm personally hoping we discover the secret behind The Evil Counsel. Could we find our Hero being spliced into an old, French, kung-fu film? God, I hope so! Whatever you do Mr. Oedekerk, don't hold back anything!

If there's anything the success of THREE Sharknado films has taught us, is that it pays to know exactly what your product is and to embrace your fanbase!

Bring on Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury!


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