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Kaso Lihonga

Hi guys. Today i have got a simple post about the Power Rangers reboot coming in 2017 and what I feel needs to feature within the movie to help it succeed. Let's get the obvious one out of the way first...

A Jason David Frank Cameo

Still Awesome
Still Awesome

Jason David Frank played the Green and White Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as will as the Red Zeo Rangers, Red Turbo Ranger (until he was replaced) and Black Dino Ranger. He is the greatest power ranger to have ever graced our TV screens and it only seems right that he would make some kind if an appearance in the movie.

Other fans have suggested that he should play Zordon in the reboot but i feel he would be better suited in a cameo role. Similar to how Lou Ferrigno had a cameo in The Incredible Hulk, Frank could simply play an unnamed character who has some kind of an exchange with the actor who will portray Tommy in the reboot. For hardcore fans the moment would be priceless and for the casual fan, if the exchange is full of banter, you can get a laugh out of it

No Random Background Explosions!

it wouldn't make sense
it wouldn't make sense

While this was fine in the series, as it made the rangers look cooler, it would make no sense in the movie. Posing cannot justify a gigantic explosion. The Rangers need to look believable and not ridiculous. And removing the explosions will go a long way in making the seem a little more realistic

Just to kill two birds with one stone the rangers should not pose in the first place. They should look confused, trying to comprehend what had happened to them and why they feel a sudden burst of power. They shouldn't pose like they have training their whole lives for this moment.

Believable Costumes

Power Rangers costumes are notorious for being brightly coloured suits, these are just plain ridiculous. And just looks like a serious waste of spandex.

For all the RPM fans
For all the RPM fans

The design of the costumes need to be darker and less skin tight. It needs to look like real armor. Similar to the suit Master Chef wears on the Halo series. The suits need to make use all go "Wow i wanna cosplay that at comic con next year" not "Wow that suit must hug my junk all in the wrong ways"

A Threatening Villain

Its already been confirmed that the villain for the movie will be Rita Repulsa. In the series she was never really a threat, she just never seemed threatening. For this movie to work the antagonist must make us feel like she will actually cost the rangers there lives and can destroy the planet.

Rarely has a villain within the multiple series ever looked truly threatening to the Power Rangers (Lord Zedd, Ransik, The Machine Empire, Venjix) and this is an opportunity to create villain that will not only be great for power rangers fans but also for moviegoers in general.

CGI Zords

Great piece of fan art
Great piece of fan art

Within the series, to capture zord and monster fights usually men in suits we used to capture the battle and wasn't great but it got the job done.

With the money that will be made available to produce this potential blockbuster, the zords can be done right using zords, and before you start thinking its not possible. Look at the Transformers franchise, Pacific Rim and Godzilla. Imagining the megazord battling goldar isn't that hard to believe.

Mid/Post Credits Sequence

If Marvel can do it why not the Power Rangers? It's the easiest way to get fans excited for the next movie and it has been a proven success.

My thought is that Tommy will be in the movie but not as a ranger. Just a random student. After the credits role we see Tommy transported to a secret location, where he is presented the Powers of the Green Ranger and the Dragonzord by Rita and she brainwashed him blah blah blah villian for the next movie (Side Note: I would love it if the second film was called Power Rangers: Green With Evil)

Or if they would want to go down the Marvel root and tease the villain for the third installment we could see Lord Zedd for a few moments but i think the Green Ranger thing is a better idea.

So that is it guys! Thanks for reading my article, leave a like if you want, tell me your comments what you think should be in the movie or you think my list was just too awesome or a piece of gargage. Feedback is appreciated.


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