ByAntonio Bouchard, writer at
The art of film pales in comparison to celebrity gossip culture, right?
Antonio Bouchard

We all remember back when Batman v Superman was announced and everyone and their mothers wanted to see a fresh out of Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston as the new Lex Luthor.

But what we got instead was Adventureland. Some people weren't totally opposed to the idea, but most hated the choice.

Now am I going to say I think Eisenberg is going to be the best Lex Luthor? No, but I don't think pop-culture will be able to continue to function as it does with the level of saturation that it's undergoing.


With so many franchised properties working on their film adaptions, comics, tv spin-offs, video games and whatever else, it's really hard to make a clear final call if we're really gonna get the Lex Luthor we want in Eisenberg.

I guess we won't know for sure until the film comes out or we all perish in a sea of self awareness and copyrights.


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