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Let's start my first post with a fan theory about what starts the Civil War in Captain America 3.

With the confirmation of the actor that plays General Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross in the second Hulk movie being present in the film, there are rumors about him probably transforming into the Red Hulk itself and having a fight with Bruce Banner's Hulk (still without a real confirmation of it but is a strong rumor from a good contact inside the studio, who also informs that Marvel expects that this fight goes beyond the Hulkbuster's fight in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035).

Crossbones is FACT, already confirmed as a villian in the movie having a fight with Cap!

My theory is that the destrucción of the fight against the Red Hulk and the Crossbones attack will be the detonating for The Goverment to put the registration act to all superhumans.

An i guess the Red Hulk entrance into the MCU wil be epic.

Without even talk about what it will be the Crossbones fight.

What do YOU think?

Will we see the Red Hulk in Civil War?

Does he and Crossbones will acelerate the registration act in the MCU?

Leave your coments down below and please tell me if my post is well done,thanks and "Goodbye Sólo" xD (its a movie reference..never mind)


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