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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

There are few things in the DC TV universe that get me excited. New appearances by heroes/villains are always at the top of the list. Who's going to show up this year on The Flash or Arrow? It always makes everyone talk!

Another is the famous story arcs like "Death in the Family" or "Crisis on infinite Earths" that we are all dying to see brought to life. Although the "Death in the Family" bit is mostly aimed at DC Cinema, and finally the one thing that makes me smile the most - THE MULTIVERSE.

Yes, the famous notion of countless universes existing in a section of creation sealed off to man, but not to Meta-humans. In season two of the The Flash, we'll be treated to a taste of what lies in the multiverse. We already got a look into this marvelous concept in the last episode of The Flash when he traveled via the one key that can unlock the Multiverse - the SPEED FORCE.

Although it was mainly used to travel back into time in an attempt to save Nora Allen's life, it left the trail of bits needed to get the excitement of a whole new world for us to enjoy on the CW show. In the last image of Flash season 1, we see Barry Allen entering the huge cyclone that is the door to the multi-verse.

We know at least of two characters coming out of the MULTI-VERSE. One of course is JAY GARRICK. The classic speedster with the helmet with wings looking like it came out of a Greek story.

The other is the arrival of ZOOM. The yellow speedster that has caused nothing but chaos in the Flash Comics story-lines. It's not yet revealed on who or how we'll see ZOOM onscreen. Many hope to see the real Harrison Wells come back as ZOOM. I don't think that will be the case but it's on many of cw fans wish list.

The reason why I doubt it will be Harrison Wells in the yellow is because the conflict might root out of Jay Garrick's past as ZOOM may be his arch-nemesis. Who knows, it may be the REAL Harrison Wells as ZOOM. It would be a treat to see Tom Cavanagh play this character again since he was soo good at it. It was his ability to be menacing because of his scientific intellect that made him so formidable. The ability to harness speed like the Flash is just a tool that aids that brain of his.

Yet, this still isn't the story line that I'm referring to in the beginning of my article. No, and truthfully I can't say that this story line that I would love to see will come to light due to all the restrictions placed on what characters the CW can play with this upcoming year due to what's happening on the DC big screen. The story I would most love to see, and it would blow everyone away is this.

Barry runs into this universe while trying to get answers about Jay Garrick, and someone there has some experience with the subject and can maybe help. That hero that I am talking about has already graced the CW before, in a small town called SMALLVILLE.

That's right! CW's first hero back onscreen in one story! C'mon, who wouldn't want to see how he has evolved as The Man of Steel. The Multi-verse storyline can actually give us that, and reward the fans who have been watching DC TV on the CW for a longtime.

Can I hope to see a version of the Justice League too? Yea. Will it happen? Nope, I don't think so unfortunately. Yet maybe, just maybe we can toy with the idea as a "finale" to these great characters already brought to life on the CW.

Of course there is always the far off chance that if we can't see Flash/Superman on screen together that we may get to see Flash/SUPERGIRL in a few years anyways. At least according to Greg Berlanti who would love to see the crossover between CBS's SUPERGIRL and CW's Flash & Arrow.

I hope they can open up the license giving the CW a chance to bring Smallville's world back into the current CW/DC universe. There are reports that Greg Berlanti may have hinted at such an appearance in Flash Season 2, even though there are also reports that DC honcho Geoff Johns has denied any and all requests that their big three (Superman, Batman, Wonder woman) be portrayed on the small screen. It'd be a shame if the fans are denied this one moment to travel back to Smallville with the Flash via the multiverse.

So what do you think? Can the MULTI-VERSE on the CW set a new standard for the way comic characters interact onscreen? Can this be the equation we've been all wanting for in DC cinema/TV? I guess one day we're gonna have to find out!


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