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It can be a pretty standard formula when it comes to a rom-com. Boy meets girl, some made up conflict that keeps them from getting together, a fun night lets them see they are a good match, some fight and a last minute run to the airport to profess their love.

Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, tells everyone with its trailer Hey! Forget all that! That is SO boring and over done, instead let's do the same thing but with more dirty jokes.

Trainwreck follows the story of a career driven woman, Amy, who doesn't believe in the cookie cutter monogamous relationship after seeing her parents' marriage fail and getting ill advised by her cranky father. She loves the sauce, long nights and hooking up without any strings attached. When she is assigned to write a satirical article about a sports doctor, Bill Hader, they hit it off and she has to face the new territories of a romantic, stable relationship.

Amy Schumer brings in a fun flair and hilarious moments but if you are familiar with her comedic persona, it is nothing new. What really makes the movie spark is its mixture of crude humor with real life dramatic moments. The difficulties of adapting yourself to a new partner, loving your family even though their flaws have caused you great pain. It finds a very organic way to show a person refuses to grow up while having to face the realities they need to confront as a grown up.

It is a nice change of pace but deep down, the romantic comedy blueprint is still the foundation of this movie. There is a lot of laugh out loud moments, some sentimental ones, but overall quite a predictable story of boy meets crazy girl.

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