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In honor of Matt Leblanc's 48th birthday, I took a trip down memory lane and watched some of the old Friends episodes to see him grow as a character and as an actor. After some good laughs, I came to realize that his character on the show, Joey Tribbiani, is the kind of friend everyone needs in their lives because:

1. He gives the best advice

That's right, if you ever find yourself fretting over what someone thinks of you, go and find that one friend that will remind you it doesn't really matter.

2. You can go to him when you feel sad

Feeling sad? Angry? Upset? Feeling anything at all? That's all right, with a friend like Joey, you'll just be reminded that whatever you're feeling will go away eventually.

3. He gives great dating advice

It can't be harder than that, can it?

4. He knows his limits

Knowing when to stop is always hard, but not with a friend like Joey, who will remind you when you've reached your limit.

5. He knows how to go with the flow

If you are spending a lot of your time worried, stressed, or worked up, a friend like Joey will remind you to just go with the flow.

Joey Tribbiani was always there to make his friends laugh, even if he didn't mean to. He also had a way of helping them out and showing he cared. Joey is totally the kind of person everyone needs in their life.


Who's your favorite Friends character?


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