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Tom McKee
...uch about either Comic history or the near future of the MCU. Your whole point about how heroes in the MCU are not held accountable for their actions is the entire story of Civil War, which is their next movie. If you haven't read it or read about it I highly recommend it. Comic fans are split on it as a story, but either way its monumental and will be really important to understand for the upcoming Phase 3 movies. But essentially its very very similar to Batman holding Superman accountable in a lot of ways. I do think its sort of funny how you use Man of Steel as the positive example. I actually liked that movie but most people hated it because of the unaccounted for destruction Superman causes (but yes, youre right in that the big deal in B v. S is that exact thing) In terms of deaths, most of this is established in the comics themselves, so its not like the movies just created some cop out to keep characters alive. And if you're disappointed in the lack of deaths, don't worry - you will be getting plenty of major deaths in Phase 3 as the roster continues to shift to new characters. You also mentioned that Spider man doesn't count because Marvel hasn't put them in their movies like it is some fault of theirs for not choosing to include him yet. They just got the rights to use him in a joint deal with Sony this past year. They absoultely wanted to use him earlier but when you don't own the rights to a character theres nothing you can do. He is rumored to be making an appearance in Civil War and then will have a solo movie after that, and will definitely be included in other future major team up movies. It sort of seems to me that you're a DC lover and Marvel hater. I personally love both of them equally. Im a little nervous for the DC movie universe but I hope they figure it out and make it great, because then Ill have two giant superhero franchises making multiple movies a year that I love.

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