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Tabby J Hudson

So I'm a huge fan of a good old block busting disaster movie (think rainy British Sunday afternoons spent watching Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, or Earthquake, you get me!), so I was mad keen to watch San Andreas just having seen the movie promo poster! Not to mention that it stars Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock; the man himself is larger than life (unless he's stood next to Shaquille!), so there was no question that the movie would be action packed on an epic scale. Of course it has far fetched moments (not unlike 2012...) and if you're the type of movie goer who sits and tuts or mutters 'really?' under your breath the whole time, you may as well give the film a miss. Everything around the characters is literally crumbling away dramatically and I know for sure I'd probably die fairly soon if this happened for real, so yes there are parts that push realism some what, but that's always at the heart of a decent edge-of-your-seat disaster movie. How else would it be entertaining if everyone came out unscathed...? The back story at first seems predictable; bitter ex's and a highly successful new partner who simply doesn't fit in. As the story unfolds though, you realise that our battered hero and ex wife (played perfectly by Carla Gugino) still love each other and that events conspired to separate them. Ahh. Cue nail-biting attempts at saving the day. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!



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