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Baldwin Collins

This movie was released last year 2015 , i found the storyline quite entertaining, Charlie archer played by Steven berkoff is a former east end mobster returning home from one of his regular visits down at the local pub, when he witnesses an attempted gang rape against a young woman by some young men, charlie intervenes by challenging the men to a street fight, unable to keep up with them, charlie finally Collapses to the ground badly beaten and near death,

A passerby Lizzie Davis played by Lysette Anthony realizes that an incident of violence has taken place, and reports it to the local police. The investigating officer Susan Taylor played by Alison Doody believe that there is not enough evidence in Lizzie's story, to arrest anybody for murder. Feeling that justice is not being served, Lizzie contacts charlie's brother Richie archer, whose also a former London mobster played by Ian Ogilvy. living in Spain all these years, Richie decides to come home to London England to berry his brother and investigate in his own way, how charlie archer was murdered and by who.

this film is straight forward Richie (Ogilvy) is on a path of revenge, and is joined by his old Gang , who are happy to get back in the Game they know so well, the only problem i found, is there could've been some car chases with the police, to spice up the action in the scenes. there was other scenes which slowed down the film quite a bit, however there's news of a possible sequel in the future, l am looking forward to seeing Richie and the gang return. if you haven't seen this film as yet, include it in you're must see list.


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