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When I heard that Fox planned to release X-Men Days of Future Past again on BluRay/DVD almost a full year after it's initial release, I was very cynical. Corporate Hollywood just scraping the bottom of fans pockets to line their own. Artists have been doing this to their fans for years by re-releasing albums with 2 new songs but the same expensive price tag. So initially, I planned on staying clear of this release.

However, being a huge X-Men fan, I showed my true weak "fanboy" nature and caved. Seeing that shiny red packaging as I passed the Movies section in the store was simply too tempting. So the only question that remains, did I end up regretting my decision? Is "The Rogue Cut" version of Days of Future past worth it?

The short answer for me was yes, it was worth it. I LOVE the original cut of the film. It stands as my favorite film in the X-Men catalog and maintained as my favorite film of 2014. The Rogue Cut doesn't do anything to alter the overall quality or impact of the film. Essentially it does serve as fan service. Rogue has never lived up to what X-Men fans have always wanted her to be in the films and she isn't suddenly the strong, sassy southern bad-ass we yearn for. But she provides a more complete farewell to the old cast. An X-Men without Rogue just isn't complete.

As for the content itself, it all is cohesive. The way in which Rogue is utilized makes complete sense to the theatrical cut of the film. Her rescue scene also provides an exciting addition to the film that is wonderfully cut with a parallel seen from the past. Other content not pertaining to Rogue is also included. The likes of Storm, Bishop, Blink, Sunspot and Warpath are given an extra line (or an only line) of dialogue and there is some expanding on the story-line in the past scenes. It also includes an interesting little post credit scene in addition to the Apocalypse teaser originally included.

The bonus content is also pretty cool, the packing is sleek (though the photo-shopped cover art is a bit sloppy) and it includes the original theatrical cut. So if you were on the fence about purchasing Days of Future Past last year, definitely get the Rogue Cut. If you are a Rogue fan in particular or a big X-Men fan, this is worth your dime. But if you are a casual fan, it doesn't add enough material to warrant a second purchase of the same film.


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