ByEric Miller, writer at

The Vampire Diaries's season 6 finale left us all heart broken. Elena Gilbert died and now we have to wait for Bonnie to die to get our beloved Elena back (and yes, I know that's a horrible thing to say but i just had to say it).

...but today when i was watching old episodes of TVD, i found out that there is still a chance that Elena will return (maybe even sooner than expected) or it could just be a MAJOR PLOT WHOLE! do you remember how Bonnie turned Silas to stone by casting a spell on him but then Bonnie got killed and then the spell was broken and Silas came back to life and locked Stefan in a safe and pushed and drowned him (god that was hard to watch!)

The only reason all that happened was because Bonnie died because of casting a spell to bring Jeremy back and in the process she dies but she comes back to life (which is ironic considering she just came back to life this season again, how many times is she going to die)

Now here is how Elena will return, (or the plot whole) in the finale of TVD season six Damon kills Kai to save Bonnie and they all say their goodbyes to Elena which was utterly devastating and heartbreaking, but i guess they were all so busy saying goodbye that they forgot that the spell is going to be broken all by itself because Kai is dead, am i right.

Now it could either be that or the writers of TVD forgot their own logic. I mean I don't see why the spell shouldn't be broken, i mean Kai is dead and once the witch who casts the spell dies, the spell has to be broken, no matter what. but i guess we will just have wait 'til the eighth of October since that is when the vampire diaries season seven will start again! i cannot wait.

Please let me know what you think about this, could this be Elena's return or is this a plot whole or at the very least just let me know if I'm wrong. I need an explanation!


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