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Back when the first smartphones were introduced, the first thoughts in all of our traditionalist minds went something like,

"You know, shouldn't a phone know...just a phone?"

And as time eventually flew by we gradually grew used to these changes, and which the introduction of camera phones, the act of taking photos wherever and whenever, otherwise known as the selfie has become more and more popular in our culture, and has evolved to become a social media phenomenon as well, and with 93 million selfies taken everyday around the world, many people have taken upon themselves to up the selfie game with more and more extreme stunts.

Take Todd Fassler, a San Diego man who was recently rushed to the hospital after being on the receiving end of a rattlesnake bite while trying to take a selfie. Fassler, while spending a day at the Barona Speedway in San Diego, approached the reptile with the intention of taking a picture, positioned himself beside it and moments later found himself on the ground with a shot of rattlesnake venom coursing through his veins. After being rushed to the hospital, Fassler proceeded to deplete all stores of anti-venom at not one but two area hospitals, and proceeded to earn himself a hospital bill around the relatively low price of $153,161.25, before posting the picture online as a badge of honor.

Pictured: Todd Fassler's bill
Pictured: Todd Fassler's bill

While this may seem like a first for the San Diego man, Todd Fassler reportedly paid almost $90,000 last year to a hospital in North Carolina for treating yet another venomous snake bite, which should probably be interpreted as a sign to ssstop, (see what we did there?) risssssking (again!) his life for the sake of a picture.

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