ByBrandon McKinsey, writer at
...ld not be surprised myself if that was JK Rowlings intention. However the theory of Harry being Snapes son...preposterous! Absolutely absurd! Let me remind people that Harry's first born son is named after Harry's father. It's Harry's second son who has Severus in his name, and it's a middle name. Albus is the second son's first name in order of importance which was deliberate on the author's part. Plus Severus Snape had a hard time with Harry in the beginning because of how much Harry resembled his father (who may I remind bullied Snape). May I also remind that Snape's only reason for protecting Harry was the love Snape had for Lily. Let me also speak on what love does to an individual it binds them together with that individual, or individuals. So while Snape had contempt for James Potter, he was able to look past his own insecurities, for Lily. Why? When you love someone you typically carry out what they started, and Lily sacrificed her life for her son. So guess what Snape would, and did follow suit in the name of love. Now if we are done with absurdities please read the books they usually help debunking theories intead of keeping them going. Reading. A most important, and essential part of life especially if one has questions needing answers.

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