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Many movies and TV shows have this so-called 'mature' content, but is it necessary? Do we really need to see nudity, sex and hear profanity? Does something really need to be so gory? Does all of this make shows better or worse?

Let's jump right into this topic!

Starting off, we have a very popluar show on HBO, 'Game of Thrones'. This show has TONS of nudity, sex and profanity. When I tried watching this series, I could only cringe at the sight of that random nude scene that appears in the middle of the episode... Left me scarred... Seeing the act done and doing it are two MAJORILY different things. People may like this, but personally, I DESPISE it on TV, movies and everything else that has it (books, comics, etc.). To some people it may add extra affect, but to me, it ruins everything. The characters, the plot, the action. *Sighs tiringly*.

Season One Poster
Season One Poster

'The Walking Dead' (AMC) has an AMPLE amount of gore and some cursing. If you don't like gore and prfanity, don't watch this show, or above if you don't like nudity and sexual content. Now, this show I do watch, you can tell by my last two posts, but, there is no sex and nudity to disturb me. You may wonder why blood and gore doesn't disturb me, well, that's because I know that this show is 100% fiction. Game of Thrones is, too, but the content is real. There really is, believe it or not, a major difference in blood and gore and sex and nudity. They are forced to fight on this show, forced to kill to survive, and sex and nude being left out, it still is a wonderful story. I think GoT could do the same and still be successful. My opinion, though. Hey, it's just me!

Season Five First Half Poster
Season Five First Half Poster

'The American Horror Story' (FX) has a good amount of cursing, sexual behavior (although no nudity) and just really perverted things I've heard characters say. So, these things drove me away from this show as well. I got into season one episode nine I think, and I just couldn't handle anymore. The way some couples went about saying things, sexual things and just in gross ways, I easily fell away. Maybe it's just me. Some people like it, some people don't think about it and then there are people like me. :) Basically, I do not believe it makes the shows any better. They would be just as intriguing without the nasty content.

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'Mature' Content Better or Worsen Shows?


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