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Being in New York this past week has made me realize that the setting of it has definitely impacted some past films, and may even be the reason that some of these films have become so popular. Here are some are movies, TV shows, and actors/actresses that have used New York to make quite an impact on the world of film, and have left a mark on the entertainment industry.

Movies and TV shows

Movies such as Breakfast at Tiffanys and Taxidriver were filmed in New York, and take place in the city as well. Incredibly popular and famous TV shows take place in New York as well, such as Seinfeld, Friends and Gossip Girl. So what does New York have that makes it so great? Why has it increased the likability factor of these films and shows?

The answer to those questions lies in the fact that there is something special about New York. It is the city that never sleeps, the center of all night life, and personally one of my favorite places in the United States. New York City created the Manhattan cocktail, is home to Broadway and has a superb skyline, and a fun fact is that New Yorkers have a longer life expectancy than the average human.

Movies and TV shows that take place in New York City have an exciting aspect to them, as they are immersed in city life and surrounded by either class or poverty. It is a one of a kind place that cannot be replaced by another city or state when filming; you either film their or you replicate it within a set. Let's all just face it: New York is one of the best settings for a film or TV show, and I don't think that that will change.

Actors/ Actresses

Many actors and actresses that are born and get discovered in New York turn out to be extremely successful, such as Dylan O'brien, Sylvester Stallone, and Scarlett Johansson. All of these actors and actresses, who are super prosperous by the way, were born in New York (or should I say the city of success).

A perfect example of how a successful New York film has helped an actress is Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn. This movie took advantage of the city and became extremely popular, and is considered a classic today. Hepburn excelled with her acting in this film, and it was a boost to her career.


Another incredible way that New York has helped stars become famous, and really take off with their career is through Broadway. When you're on Broadway, you are a star, and you are definitely going somewhere. When you're there, you've made it. Broadway is the beginning of many actors and actresses' careers, and has started the careers of people such as Carol Burnett and Idina Menzel. Lastly, It is super entertaining as well :)


Has New York Contributed to some of your favorite Movies?


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