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It has now been a full week since Ant-Man made his way into theaters. There have been some who loved it while others have been hating on it quite a bit. Whether you saw it or you simply don't care about spoilers it doesn't matter.

This article AND video below is to talk about all the spoilers!

If you want to read my review that goes along with the video featuring my guest Kevin Vekony you can CLICK HERE.

This other video and other article feature no spoilers so if that's more your style then hop over there instead. Now I've given plenty of spoiler warning so let's get rolling on the spoilers!

One thing that I didn't get to address in my spoiler talk video above was the ending of Ant-man. It's not the worst ending in the world to film I've ever seen but it was a bit different compared to other endings to chapters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After Scott Lang saves the day and is given approval to visit his daughter Cassie we see Scott and Luis (Michael Peña) meet up. After we venture into a long, hilarious story that reveals Luis has information that Sam "Falcon" Wilson is looking for Scott. Sure, it sets up MCU's next film Captain America: Civil War but it didn't pack an awesome punch like other endings have before it.

That's sort of a nit-picky problem but I am the type of viewer that thinks ending can make a break a film. Luckily, Ant-man's ending only tip-toed into that territory.

Let's talk about the scene that was cracking up everyone in the trailer. It's pictured above. Thomas the tank engine. In the MCU we've seen battles all over the world in New York, London, Russia, and even other galaxys. This may be one of my favorite action sequences out of them all!

I'm a 90's kid and remember playing with a Thomas the tank engine and other train sets. I won't speak for everyone but it's a fair assumption most of us have played with little GI Joes or action figures on top of the train sets. I don't care if it was Edgar Wright, Peyton Reed, Adam McKay, or whoever wrote it but it was tremendous!

Some of you may have been spoiled like me seeing TV spots for the film. Not sure who had that bright idea to ruin this fun cameo but I'm glad this wasn't a phoned-in cameo that was just for sh*ts and giggles. There was a realistic reason for Falcon to show up.

Also, it was enjoyable for the fact that Falcon wasn't just around for 5 seconds. Falcon and Scott Lang had a fight that went on for a good 5-10 minutes. I may sound like such a huge geek but it's like a dream come true seeing heroes brawl on the big screen even if it is for a short amount of time.

Finally, let's talk about what everyone was excited to see not only alluded to the entire film but also in the mid-credits. Hope Van Dyme IS going to become the Wasp! Coming at a time where the MCU could really use some females in the ranks. Marvel can't waste any time trying to slowly introduce ladies to their team. They need to step it into high gear already.

Black Widow has pretty much been on her own until Scarlet Witch came around 2 months ago in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain Marvel film doesn't come until 2018. Evangaline Lily was a smart, intelligent and badass woman. She didn't fall under the damsel in distress categories like Pepper Potts and Jane have in Iron Man and Thor movies.

What moments were the most fun for you guys? Was it the more comedic parts like the giant tank or Thomas the tank engine fight? Or were you more of a fan of the emotional moments like Hank Pym confessing how his wife died to Hope Van Dyme? VOTE BELOW!


What was the best moment from Ant-Man?

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