ByKelli Busey, writer at

I pictured myself here, a trans woman, on Angelina Jolie years ago.

Most friends just nodded or superimposed a sexual context over the image. I wasn't talking about actually being her, or having sex with her.

I saw myself in her body. Living her movie experience. Yes, I know it's video but what if...

I knew this to be my dream in much the same way the characters in episode one move from reality to reality, (I think) only I aspire to have it.
I am now among the world's top runners. I am realizing this sense every time I step out of my door and see the huge spaces I have not yet run. At least eight of them.

I know this might not have much to do with Sense8 episode one, but I have been so moved by it I wanted to share. Maybe I have the ability to unlock the lucidity of my heart like the 8 have done. Maybe.

Kelli Anne Busey, Editor, Planet Transgender


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