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As previously stated, I'm holidaying in Orlando, Florida for three weeks, and have been going to all of the Disney Parks available. As much as I love the parks (and there will be many articles to follow on how much I love them) they aren't perfect. There are a lot of films which get huge amounts of attention in attractions, like Toy Story, Frozen and Finding Nemo. But a lot of films don't get the attention that they deserve, and there are a lot of potential rides about films which they have not capitalised on. Here are five I would love to see in one of the parks.

5. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Above you can see the Headless Horseman, one of the most evil looking Disney villains. It seems to me that the whole Ichabod section of this film is ripe for a carousel, "The Headless Horseman Carousel" would be a great addition to any of the parks, and I could especially see it in the Magic Kingdom. This film is one of Disney's earliest, and it does not get the recognition it deserves, as it is after all a lot of fun.

4. Big Hero 6

Above you see Ito Ishioka's Robotics Lab. With all of the effort Walt Disney put into emphasising the importance of progress in our world, and how far we have come as a species, Big Hero 6 is one of the films which most encompasses his vision. Epcot has a whole half a park about education and advancement, and a lab set which showcases some fresh robotic advancements, or indeed any other type of technology, with some narration by Baymax thrown in, would be an awesome attraction in Epcot. I know Big Hero 6 is only out, so this couldn't have happened yet, but start planning Disney!

3. The Jungle Book

Above you see the most famous scene in The Jungle Book. The chilled out Baloo tells Mowgli about how to relax, and take it easy. This is ripe for a river ride, easy going and chilled at the beginning, getting more and more violent nearer the end as you are chased by Shere Khan or something. Seems like Disney is a little lacking in water rides, especially in Hollywood Studios or Epcot. The Jungle Book is definitely a little more skimmed over than I would like, because it's a great film!

2. Alice in Wonderland

Here is Alice falling down the rabbit hole, and that is just what the ride should be called. "Down the rabbit Hole" sounds just perfect. You could be falling through as you see crazy flashing images everywhere, and be greeted by the Cheshire Cat at the end. They already have the Mad Hatter Tea Party, but this is an entirely different scene, as all of the scenes in that film are different from one another.

1. The Emperor's New Groove

The single most underrated Disney film of all time. This is, without a doubt, one of my all time favourite animated films, or just films! And it doesn't have any rides! Think of the endless possible rides that could spawn from this film! "To the Secret Lab" could be one, "Escaping Yzma and Kronk" could be another, and just watch the scene above! That is a clear cut ride right there! However, I honestly think you could mix the whole film into one big ride, moving from scene to scene, getting wet as you are thrown down the "wrong lever Kronk!" and as you fall down this waterfall. It would be one of Disney's best attractions, and give this wonderful film the recognition it deserves!

What do you think? Do you have any other rides that need made? Let me know in the comments!


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