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Inside Out is Pixar Studio's latest animated offering and it may be their best yet. Pixar has given us great movies like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Up, and Wall-E and while those movies were all quite good, Inside Out is possibly their most original and interesting concept yet. Not only does it have beautiful animation, but it also has a fascinating story. It focuses on the human brain and our emotions which is a very complicated subject, but the movie makes it so bright and easy to understand that even little kids could get it.

It is a Pixar movie so naturally, Inside Out has rich and colorful animation. The colors were bursting and even for an animated movie, the cinematography was excellent. I really believed in all the characters and locations, partly thanks to the wonderful animation.

Even if it is just their voices, the cast was great in their roles. Each actor or actress fit their role very well especially the characters of the emotions.

The story/plot is the real standout of this movie. It is a brilliant realization of how our emotions work inside our brains. This is a very complex subject, one that scientists have been working on for many years. Inside Out brings a new perspective to the screen with many new ideas. It blows my mind how the filmmakers were able to come up with such an intricate design of the human brain what with our emotions being characters or long term memory being like a huge maze in our brain. There are so many little clever things in Inside Out that really makes you change your perspective on how the mind works. The story itself is much like an adventure as it focuses on the mind of an eleven year old girl and the difficulties of that age. While she is going on an emotional adventure in the real world, the characters of the emotions are going on an adventure in her mind which makes for some interesting storytelling.

In the end, Inside Out is a very clever film with great animation and music. The actors/actresses do a fine job voicing their parts and the directors really bring the world inside the movie to life. Above all else, the concept and design of the whole movie is amazing. The story is rich with adventure and some good humor. This a brilliantly crafted movie and certainly is another Pixar classic. It might even be their best and inventive idea yet.


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