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Terminator Genisys is a big, bloated, fun, action-packed summer blockbuster. It boasts entertaining action, lots of CGI, and an interesting yet confusing story/plot. There were some general flaws in the newest addition to the Terminator franchise, but all in all, Genisys was an entertaining ride.

The story/plot in Genisys has enormous potential but is weighed down by unnecessary and confusing plot points and time traveling. The premise is an interesting one: a company (called SkyNet) made an app/software program that is apparently very useful for everyone in the world so naturally everyone wants to get it when it's available. The truth is that SkyNet will then destroy the human race once they have this software. The audience sees this destruction early on in the movie and how the remaining humans fight the evil robots. Ultimately, a few folks have to go back in time and destroy the software before it is released to the world. Now, this concept is certainly interesting, but it was executed in such a confusing way that one can't really grasp the details and it's hard to keep up with various things. Naturally, with the confusing plot come many plot holes. And more plot holes. Even with the confusing and complicated plot, it wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be. I understood more of the concept than I thought I would and I certainly though that it was an interesting story. None the less, it was executed in a confusing way that many people might have difficulty understanding.

The acting in this movie is decent for the most part. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator of course and he does it well even though playing a machine is something almost anyone could do. Emilia Clarke plays Sarah Connor and I was skeptical about her but in the end she turned out to be really good. Jason Clarke (who is NOT related Emilia Clarke) plays John Connor and he is another good addition to the cast. The actor that I had some problems with was Jai Courtney. He was very bland in his role and had some potentially comedic moments, but they sort of fell flat. J.K. Simmons was criminally underused but he was still great in his role.

Let's talk about the action. This movie is filled to the brim with action sequences. They certainly are entertaining and some will require you to shut off your brain and just enjoy it without thinking "is that even possible?". I had great fun with many of the action scenes and while they weren't very revolutionizing or anything, they were still very enjoyable in that dumb but fun way. Along with the action comes a ton of CGI. This movie almost relied a bit too much on CGI but thankfully most of it was good. There were a few CGI shots that could have been improved but generally speaking, it was quite good.

Director Alan Taylor has once again proven that while he may not be a great director for story and dialogue, he has an immensely impressive visual style. He also directed Thor: The Dark World and I was very pleased with that film's visuals and so I at least knew that Terminator Genisys would be pleasing to the eye.

The score for Genisys is a little generic, but still very fitting to the movie. There were some great pieces for the big action sequences that improved the scene and made it feel epic.

In the end, Terminator Genisys has a confusing story/plot and some mediocre acting, but it also has very fun action and generally good CGI. I was impressed with the film's visual style and action which were two things that I really wanted to see from this movie. While it may not be the smartest movie in theaters, it certainly is a fun summer action flick.


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