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Welcome to Casting Call! Where we pick our favorite comic books and do some fantasy casting for them! This week, Michael Allred’s Madman!

For those that have not had the pleasure of reading a Madman comic here is the rundown:

Frank Einstein was born Zane Townsend, an agent of the Tri-Eye Agency. Townsend was killed in a car accident, then stitched back together and brought to life by two scientists, Dr. Egon Boiffard and Dr. Gillespie Flem. This resurrection left him amnesiac, and the resurrected John Doe was named after Boiffard artistic and scientific heroes, Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, respectively. The procedure left Frank with supernatural reflexes and a slight degree of precognitive and empathic power; however, he remembers nothing about his former life, but faint, troubling memories relating to his death. Madman’s costume is based on the only thing he can clearly remember: a fascination with a comic book character called Mr. Excitement. Frank Einstein now lives as a jack-of-all-trades wanderer, accompanied by a variety of allies.

-Via Wikipedia

We have had numerous close calls of a Madman film coming to fruition but to no avail. Robert Rodriguez was attached at one point along with rumors of Robin Williams, Jack Black, and even Kevin Bacon slated to don the lighting bolt! With all that being said here are our choices for the Madman film!

Madman/Frank Einstein – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Modeling himself after his hero, Frank likes to try to get in the way when bad things happen to good people. He and his scientist friends get into many adventures but Frank prefers to spend time with his girlfriend Joe (short for Josephine).

JoGo is the perfect casting choice. He has shown he can do drama, comedy, and action, all of which are needed for this role. I’ve seen many other sites cast Nathan Fillion. Now, we don’t have a problem with Fillion, however he is getting up there in age and would have to constantly train to do the action scenes. To start a franchise you need someone who could play the role for a bit. Levitt has the chops and the x-factor to play Madman.

Joe Lombard – Emma Stone

Joe was a lab assistant for Dr. Flem and Dr. Boiffard, who they hired out as a secretary to the reformed G-Men’s private detective business. She was sent to work there so she would be able to keep a close eye on Frank, who was working as a freelance psychic in the same building. Frank becomes smitten with Joe from the moment he first sees her. Later, after being rescued from Monstadt and his goons by Frank, Joe reveals she had always had a crush on him and thinks he is the sweetest man she’s ever met.

Stone has that girl-next-door feel to her. She could easily play the strong love interest as seen in Amazing Spider-Man. The chemistry between her and JoGo would be off the charts and keep us watching.

Dr. Flem – Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gillespie Flem was a scientist that worked with Dr. Boiffard for Mr. Monstadt. Seeing that Monstadt was basically evil, Flem decided to continue his research on his own. Working in Buzztown, Dr. Flem was able to create clones of himself. Unfortunately, he and his clones were infected with a contagion. Soon, all of them, including Dr. Flem were beginning to disintegrate. In order to prevent the infection from reaching his head, Flem had Frank chop off his head and place it in a special chemical he created.

What’s not to like about Laurie taking this part? He definitely has the look and could play the eccentric scientist in his sleep.

Dr. Boiffard – Christopher Walken

Dr. Boiffard used to work as a police coroner. When a body was found at a car crash, the police officer brought the unknown body to Boiffard because he owed him a favor. Dr. Boiffard, along with Dr. Flem, conducted an experiment and was able to resurrect the body. The person had no memories of his previous life. Boiffard decided to name him Frank Einstein after his artistic and intellectual heroes, Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein. Frank went on to become known as Madman. Boiffard soon started experimenting brain growth on himself to make him smarter.

Walken loves taking roles that are a bit out there. He looks like Boiffard, he can act the mad scientist role with the best of them, and him and Hugh Laurie on screen together would be amazing.

Mott from Hopple – Louis C.K.

One of Frank's first missions was when an alien named Mott, from the planet Hopple, came to earth to find help. Madman jumped at the opportunity and saved Mott from the evil alien Zanelle who wanted to marry and eat Mott. Frank and Mott became very good friends and would adventure together many times.

Since this would obviously be a CG role, all you would need is the voice of a man on the run. C.K. would lend that everyman tone to Mott.

Mr. Monstadt – Terence Stamp

Monstadt was a former employer of Dr. Boiffard. He and Boiffard worked together on the process that allowed Frank to be brought back. Once Monstadt found out that Boiffard had successfully done it he wanted the process for himself and attempted to kill Boiffard and take his work for himself. He was thwarted by Frank during their initial meeting and has been the main villain of the series ever since.

Terence Stamp as a bad buy? Um, yes.

Bonnie – Kayley Cuoco

Dr. Flem’s girlfriend. Frank saved Bonnie from Dr. Flem’s mutated clones. After she was rescued, Frank took her to Dr. Flem’s cabin where she met him and fell in love during their time together. Dr. Flem taught Bonnie a lot and she went to the University to become a scientist as well.

With her role as Penny on Big Bang Theory, Cuoco is not afraid to play the girlfriend of the smart guy. She has the look and the ability to hold her own side by side with Hugh Laurie.

Gale – Rashida Jones

Gale was Dr. Flem’s assistant. When Dr. Flem successfully created several clones of himself, they were gentile and longed to learn. The clones became interested in Astronomy and took it upon themselves to pin down Gale and tattoo her body with stars and planets. Gale wrapped her body with bandages soaked in a chemical to try to remove her tattoos. The chemical worked in removing the tattoos but also made her invisible.

Rashida is a great actress and would probably steal her scenes from everyone else, playing Flem’s sarcastic and enduring assistant Gale.

The G-Men from Hell / Dean Crept – Zac Efron, Mike Mattress – Dave Franco

When corrupt FBI agents Dean Crept and Mike Mattress die, they are sent to hell, though they believe it must be an error. They manage to escape by stealing a magical crystal from Satan which sends them back to Earth. Determined to buy their way into heaven, the two decide to perform good deeds despite their ignorance of morality. They set up a private investigation business and hire Joe as their secretary. They are a constant thorn in Frank’s side.

Two of three characters from the Madman world to already appear in a film (Dr. Boiffard being the other), the characters helmed their own solo film, G-Men From Hell, that wasn’t all that well received. Here we cast Efron and Franco as partners in a P.I. firm. The team has already done well together as seen in Neighbors, so we have no doubt they’d be great in these parts.

There’s our choices for the Madman film! Did you like our choices? Who would you pick for the roles? Let us know in the comments section!


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